Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"My girl-crush thinks I'm gay."

Or, non-sequitur bullets for the blogger on the go.

1) My darling friend Loren, whose quote headlines this list, does not have a blog but she totally should.

2) Fall is the best season EVER. I love autumn the best because:

  • The weather cools off enough for cute jackets and boots.
  • New fall TV.
  • The best films, usually for Academy consideration, are released in the fall. (Best year ever: 1999)
  • I look hot in orange.
  • When it starts to rain, I want to bake things and stay home and hunker down with a warm throw and a Twin Peaks marathon.
  • The air smells better, like mountains and leaves and bonfires and homecoming football games.
And the absolute best thing about the fall:

  • Halloween.
3) Speaking of Halloween, the new decorations at Illuminations are awesome.

4) Last night, I put away more things around the house, including a bunch of dishes and things in our new sideboard that mAc put together. Which means our new soup tureen has a home.

5) I can't believe that I have a SOUP TUREEN in my SIDEBOARD.

6) Do you even know what a sideboard is? It's a little buffet/dresser type thing that goes in the dining room. It's part of the dining set we just bought. A set, as in table, sideboard and matching chairs.

7) Note to self: more rock shows. Less Ikea.

8) Veronica Mars, aka the BEST TV SHOW EVER, starts its second season tonight. Do yourself a favor, and set up your TiVO. I know, I know, it's on UPN, but trust me. It rocks. If not me, then trust Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith and Damon Lindelof. They love it too.

9) I actually met Kristin Veitch (from the link above) when we were in Hawaii. She was super nice, and I'm bummed that we didn't get to chat more and geek out over favorite shows like Veronica Mars and Lost and Arrested Development. The woman's got taste.

10) I don't have ten things for this list. It just seemed like I should end on a nice round number.

11) No, wait! Yes I do--I've been meaning to say this for ages, but if you live in SoCal and are looking for a good stylist, go to Frenchy's in Burbank, ask for Petrina, tell her Dinah sent you. She is the best, and keeps my hair looking all kinds of pretty. (The stray hair in the bangs is totally my fault.)

12) How cute is our dog?
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Oops! My bad!

The power's out all over LA and people are freaking out. The latest on the news is that some jackass in the LA DWP cut the wrong line. As in, they cut the wrong line and power disappeared all over this major metropolis. For example, I work in Korea Town, my husband's in Burbank--our power went out at the same time. His actually stayed out for quite awhile, whereas ours flickered back on almost immediately.

(What do you say when you're the one who cuts that line? "Oops! My bad!" Yeah, I don't think so.)

No one's really buying the "cut the wrong line" story, either. Many think that there is something more sinister afoot (see bottom of article). I think these people, newscasters included, are simply on edge the day after the 9/11 anniversary and just one week after Katrina. Or maybe they just don't want to believe that someone could be so stupid or otherwise incapacited as to make this kind of mistake. Or maybe, just maybe, they're just trying to make a more sensational story out of it than it actually is.

Personally, I think it's a heist. I think someone of the George Clooney/Mark Whalberg persuasion either has someone on the inside at the DWP to take out a generator, or they've hired a hacker to cut power for a second. (If you see a Seth Green-type dude dancing around a laptop in LA, arrest that man!) Laugh if you will, but when artifacts at the Tut exhibit or $10 million in gold boullion goes missing, don't say I didn't warn you.