Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And yet, I am an a**hole

When I was in Hawaii, my sister gave me a mix CD of male-female duets because she remembered me mentioning (in December) how much I loved them. It ranges from Sonny & Cher to Faux Jean and it is fabulous.

When I got back, there was a padded envelope waiting for me with two mix CDs in it from my dear friend Mikey in DC. Really groovy, personal compilations.

These are my love letters, the things that make me happy the most.

And yet, I am an asshole because the only thing I really want to listen to right now is the soundtrack for Music and Lyrics. *sigh* I can't help it. It's freaking awesome.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Over it, Under it, Next to it: Installment 1

Over it: Friendster
Under it: iLike
Kind of over it, but using it anyway: Myspace

Over it: Pirates. Ninjas.
Under it: Monkeys. Zombies.
Standing next to it: Robots. Robot Chicken.
On notice: All movies made from 80's shows, toys, and cartoons.

Over it: Right? Amaaaaaazing. For reals. For realsies. For serious. -style. As in, "I'm dealing with my vague annoyances in language blog-style."
Under it: Dude. Seriously. Totally. For cute! Because really.
Standing next to it, feeling a little taller: Awesome.

Over it: Gay. Retard. Fatty. Loser.
Under it: Dump truck. Clock.
Undecided: Douche bag.

Over it: Being poor, pretending it's somehow noble and therefore acceptable. Being well-paid, pretending it makes a total lack of nobility okay.
Under it: Having a job with meaning, working with passion, AND receiving fair compensation.

Over it: Supposedly “cute” or “pretty” things combined with “shocking” phrases or swear words.
Under it: Successful combinations of things mean and cuddly, diabolical and cute, shocking and funny, or kickass and pretty.
Depends on the thing and my mood: Skulls.

Over it: Ellipses. Apostrophe's in the wrong place (that was intentional). Commas in, the wrong place (also intentional). Ironic use of text or IM spelling in non-text or IM forums, like it's somehow hip to mock, I don't know, words? People who can't spell?
Under it: Semicolons. Spelling bees. Giving books to kids as presents. Proof-reading things before they're turned in, specifically in professional or academic environments.

Under it: Italics.
Kind of "whatever" about it: Bold.

Over it: "I don't really watch TV/have a TV. I'm more of a reader." (And, therefore, smarter and superior to all you TV-watching drones.)
Under it: Heroes. Grey's Anatomy. Battlestar Galactica. The Office. 30 Rock. Veronica Mars. The Daily Show. The Colbert Report.
Still under it: Books. Some of us TV-watching drones enjoy both.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I must have done something right

Since my last entry? Oh, my. Lots has happened though, and I'm going try to move through it all very quickly.

We celebrated a lovely early Valentine's Day on Feb 12 at Crustacean, and stole forks. Well, Mac stole them. I am a horrible thief.

I went to San Francisco for the day on Valentine's Day--in in the morning, out at night--for work.

My brother came to visit President's Day weekend, and we enjoyed a fabulous lazy bbq with some friends complete with full-contact speed croquet and Karaoke Revolution, as well as a trip to the comic shop and a whole day of pretty much nothin'. A relaxing and fun weekend!

We threw another fabulous Oscar Party on 2/25, and I got 9 out of 24 categories correct. My butterscotch chip cookies were far more successful. Check out the whole menu, with pun-tastic names and Mac's mad photoshop skillz HERE.

I discovered my new favorite website/online community: Love music? Listening to music right now, in fact? Come play on iLike with me!

We went to London! It was my first time in London, and it was all I could do to restrain myself from going all, "Pip pip! Allo guvna! Wot wot! Oy!" And so on. (Why must I be so ridiculous?) Had a marvelous time, drank tea, saw many, many friends (more on this below), and got to hang out with my brother in law who was in town at the same time, because the world is just that small. Pictures are still in the camera, but I got some beauties.

Finally, last night Mac & I had dinner with my friend Stephanie and her boyfriend Matt. Unremarkable, you might think, but I've known Stephanie since we were 4 or 5, she just happened to be in town from Chicago and, oh yeah--we hadn't seen each other for 17 years.

I don't think that has enough emphasis on it.


Which you'd think is nerve-wracking and weird-feeling and all, and it kind of was as we were approaching the restaurant? But then it was totally fine, and then it was just awesome and I was just so happy to see her again, and chat about Evansville and what funny, creative, happy weirdos we were as kids.

It's made me think a lot about the connections I've made in my life, these recent experiences. In London, I visited my London office (NERD! I know) and saw some work friends. I took the tube to Chiswick (pronouced Chissick, by the way, in case you ever go) to visit a couple of my dearest college friends who'd just had a baby on Feb 16. I went to lunch twice with a woman I met online, actually, and it was not only NOT creepy and NOT weird, it was rad and just like meeting an old friend for the first time. And I had drinks with a guy who used to be one of my best friends ever. When we weren't trying to date, or recovering from the whole "trying to date" thing, or fighting, or trying not to fight even though he and my other best friend were dating, and really? It's convoluted, and we have a lot of history, and we've been through a lot, and there was a time when I wasn't sure if we'd ever be friends again. But then I pinged him before we went to London, all "Hey, um, are you going to be around?" And he said YES! And made a trip to London from his small England town, and we went to a pub for pints and he showed me pictures of his beautiful wife and little girl, and we caught each other up on everything, and it was just so lovely.

Before we left for London, Stephanie had emailed me to see if I'd be around when she was in town, even though it had been 17 years since we saw each other last. I also got an email from my brother in law's sister that she & her partner are going to be in town and want to see us. AND a potential new friend from New Zealand, a friend of one of our Australian friends, arrived yesterday. We've promised to hook up with her while she's living here and take her around the city.

It's just really cool to me that in the time I've been on the earth, I've connected to people in such a way that I can let them know I'll be in town, or they can let me know when they (or their Kiwi friends) are in town, and we can get together for a meal and some conversation like it's the easiest thing in the world. For the millionth time, I feel lucky and grateful for these connections and friendships. And I can't help but think, for all the things I've done wrong in my life, if I've got people reaching out to me over miles and time, and responding to me when I do the same, then at some point, I must have also done something right. Right?

These are the things I've been doing and these are the things that have been on my mind.