Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have so much to catch up on in here, but I just want to go through this first.

Last week I wasn't able to watch the results for SYTYCD because I was at Comic-Con in San Diego. So I borrowed Mac's iPhone to check them online, figuring they'd be the predictable Comfort & Mark anyway.

But, as you know by now, it wasn't. Comfort, yes, but then Will was voted off.

As a fan of Will's, I'm hugely disappointed. I was also kind of angry at SYTYCD fans for not voting for him (myself included, although I almost never watch the show in real time, so I never get the chance to vote in the allotted window). I mean, how on EARTH could one of the best dancers this show has EVER SEEN not even make it to the Top 6? With guys like Mark & Twitch still in it???

Here are some theories:
  • Voters assumed he'd make it through, and voted for an underdog instead. This happens with these shows all the time, and you can never take for granted that your favorite dancer will make it through--you have to vote.
  • Debbie Allen backlash--even though they made it super-clear that she wouldn't be involved with the show because he'd studied with her, some viewers may have thought that their relationship still resulted in some unfair favoritism.
  • Judge backlash--No one likes to have a contestant shoved down his/her throat, and the judges have certainly fallen over themselves to heap praise on Will. I think the fact that even when they switch out a judge every week, they still have 3 dance experts unanimously agreeing that he's the best dancer on the show should tell people that maybe they're right? But still. It could have just been overmuch.
  • Young voters aren't familiar with James Brown enough to love the solo? I thought it was fantastic, but with James Brown, there could have been a generation gap. He might have been better off doing more of his Alvin Ailey thing.
  • Too professional--I've heard feedback that people like to vote for more amateur dancers that need a break, and not dancers that seem to have a professional dance career already in the works. I've looked him up, and it doesn't seem like he does, actually? But he gives that impression, and maybe that worked against him.
  • Not enough personality. Now, I disagree with this, because I think Will has a charming, albeit low-key, personality. And it would bum me out hard if this was the ONLY reason, because then it just means the show will pander to voters who want More! Personality! and that's how we get contestants like Susie Ho-bag. But, you know, he wasn't ever really anything more than charming and sweet and professional, and I can see how that's not everyone's favorite.

So, that's a lot of potential reasons to work against a guy. It really makes me wonder what kind of backlash Twitch would get if the show made it more obvious that, of all of them, he's the only one who's ever actually WORKED with one of the judges. Oh, yeah, you didn't know that? Our guy Twitch, aka Stephen Boss, worked with Adam Shankman on Hairspray, where he was one of the dancers from Maybell's store. I didn't even realize it until I was watching a snip of it on HBO the other day, and recognized him. And I don't think it should count against him, but if being a "working dancer" counts against Will, I don't know why the same shouldn't be true of Twitch as well. Plus, hi, the dancing in Hairspray isn't exactly the locking that Twitch is known for--someone's had way more training than he let on.

Suffice to say I'm hugely disappointed. Will should have been Top 4, at least. Even if every single one of my theories is correct, it doesn't change the fact that Will was the best dancer on the show. And I know people vote for their "favorite" dancer, and all that. But Mark? Over Will? To me it's like voting for an In-N-Out burger over a perfectly cooked filet mignon. I like a good burger; I love a perfect filet. Then again, that might be the best explanation of all--we just live in more of a fast-food America than one that appreciates a really good steak.

We'll see what happens tonight, of course. I may even have to be sure to get home from my dinner w/ my work peeps early to be sure and vote. God forbid fans of this show vote off Katee & Joshua next, or I may stop watching altogether.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm so gay.

Only 2 weeks til the finale. Seriously? Summer has flown. Tonight I went out with some friends for an early birthday dinner. They bought me a flaming shot of something that tasted like cough syrup. I'm going to keep this short 'cause otherwise I'm going to sound like a drunk typo idiot.

I might still sound like a drunk idiot. Oh well. It was a great birthday dinner.

That Cat Deeley... she's so pretty. She actually makes me want to keep my long hair.

Toni Basil is a guest judge! Oh Toni, you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind!

Courtney & Will, Samba: Oh, okay, I love Jean Marc as much as the rest of the choreographers. HE'S ADORABLE. FINE. These two dancing... okay. I feel like Courtney is kind of proving the "Jessica dragged Will down" theorem, because he & Katee were awesome, right, but Katee's a pretty awesome dancer. But here, he's really bringing Courtney UP. Like, he's so good, she's trying extra hard. And she's so fun & cute, he can't help but have fun. They have a really fun chemistry, like something Hollywood is always going for. Sort of a "uptight dude meets carefee, funloving girl" chemistry, that really works for them in this number.

Nigel: "300: The Dance Off"

*sigh* I'm so gay.

1. Comfort, solo: She's getting a little more creative with her solos, which is good (better late than never, I guess). At least.

Katee & Twitch, Contemporary: Um. Okay. I like a little drama with my dancing, sure. But when you spend this much time on a stage kiss? It's distracting. And y'all know how much I love some Mia, Twitch, Katee, and flaming shots, and even with all those things in favor of this routine right now, I'm still feeling like this number was a little too much Performance, and not quite enough Dancing.

2. Will, solo: Will started dancing because of Dirty Dancing, and he's doing his solo--in wig--to Jmes Brown. Yeah, I love him.

Comfort & Mark, Hip Hop: I'm not surprised these two are together, what with them being the 2nd-to-last, bottom two dancers & all. ("Dear SYTYCD: We see right through you. No, really.") And while their dancing together isn't super-synchronized or anything, they look like they're hitting it hard just for the fun of it. Because they're really, truly, dancing the choreography. And say what you will about anything else, but me? I like this show because I like to watch people DANCE.

3. Katee, solo: Katee, I love ya, but why do these dancers always pick Celine for their solos? It bums me out, and reminds me that people actually (SIGH) listen to Celine Dion. I mean. I'm not THAT gay.

Chelsie & Joshua, Argentine Tango: WOW. That was RIVETING the whole way through. I'm not a tango expert, but that seemed really precise and awesome to me. Again, Joshua really commits to the style, which is the main reason I love him so much. And Chelsie is dazzling and divine.

Uh, I think Toni Basil's on drugs, btw. Just based on how she's describing things, here. Also, is it just me, or does she use the word "street" as an adjective just a little too much for a SIXTY-SOMETHING (Yeah.) white woman?

4. Mark, solo: To Santogold, nice! I'm still not convinced he totally knows what to do with his solos, but he's an adorable, entertaining guy, that's for sure.

Courtney & Will, hip hop: The pre-dance package for this bothers me, because it's like they're actually trying to sell it for an Emmy nomination.Which, the dancing on this number is nice & all, but it kind of grosses me out that the choreographers on this show would only try for something original or awesome because they thought there'd be an Emmy in it for them. Not that Cat Deeley wasn't totally overlooked. I'm just saying. This show is about more than mainstream awards to me, and this number feels like it was trying too hard to be Award Winning. But, you know, it was danced well.

5. Chelsie, solo: I'm never totally sure what the ballroom dancers have done in their solos, because they just aren't jumping around as much as the other competitors. But I love Chelsie a little more knowing her birthday is just 2 days away from mine. Typical Leo.

Katee & Twitch, Broadway: With Tasty Oreo! In the rehearsal package, Tyce is wearing exactly the shorts & t-shirt he was wearing at the mall on Friday, which makes me wonder how much time these dancers actually get with their choreographers, if they have time to teach a number and then go to the Valley to buy sunglasses. (Or maybe Tyce needs a raise so he can buy more clothes?) But still, I thought this number was effortless and kind of genius and really well done.

No, seriously, y'all, Toni Basil is 64 years old.

6. Joshua, solo: I like how in Josh's solos, he keeps the "sneak attack" element alive. Like, "Aw, I don't know, this is just okay, WAIT WHAT WAS THAT." His reminder that he's a hip hop dancer is kind of perfunctory, in the end, because every other style he tries is so enjoyable.

7. Courtney, solo: I find myself wishing her solos were longer. That has to be a good thing.

8, Twitch, solo: So adorable, but not a lot happening with this solo.

I'm really tired, y'all. It's 1 am, and did I mention the flaming shots?

Comfort & Mark, Foxtrot: Well, it's slick & fun, but I'm not sure if it's enough to save them. I'm glad they're top 10 dancers, and are going on the tour, but this wasn't super strong.

Chelsie & Joshua, Disco: That seemed really hard, to me. Those were some crazy lifts, right? With Chelsie flying in the air and almost hitting the floor? The judges say they're tough, so I believe them. I thought they were tough, too.

There are only 4 girls & 4 guys, so it's just a matter of the top 3 couples at this point, for sure. That said, I'm ranking them from favorite to least this week:
Girls: Katee, Chelsie, Courtney, Comfort
Guys: Will, Joshua, Twitch, Mark

I have the hiccups.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tasty Oreo

Yeah, so, you're not going to believe this.

Mac & I were at the mall to get iPhones. Because the iPhone line was so long, I popped over to Banana Republic to try on some summer shirts. Because the line ended up moving really quickly while I was gone, Mac had to let a couple people go in line before us. Then, when the guy tried to sell us our two iPhones, one of them, like, wouldn't sell, or something? Like, the UPC number was all busted? I don't know. His little hand-held sales thingy they use at the Apple store wasn't working so hot either, so it was one or the other. Either way, after he sold Mac his phone, he had to go back to the back and get me a new one. And because I had to try on shirts and/or because of our salesguy's technical difficulties, they ran out of the phone we wanted, while we were standing there.

We left the store a little dejected. Sure, Mac had his shiny new toy, but I didn't have mine and was feeling a little bummed, and a little silly for having missed out because I don't have the patience to stand still on line when there was a Banana Republic, like, right there.

And that's when we saw Tyce DiOrio walk into the Sunglass Hut.

I shit you not.

Now, normally, I don't like to bug celebrities in LA when they're out & about on their own time. At events, sure, I'll say hi, because they're kind of working when they're there. They have to be "on," and aren't usually surprised or anything by being approached. But their time is their time, and I generally try to respect that.

But then I thought of my blog, and I thought of the story, and after much prodding from Mac, we walked into the Sunglass Hut, tried on some Ray Bans, and then I just walked over, said hi, introduced myself, apologized for bothering him while he was shopping, and told him that I was a big fan of the show and his routines in particular.

He seemed a little nonplussed, actually, but he was also pleasant and he thanked me kindly, and then his phone rang, so I said goodbye and walked away. (No pictures, but Mac will vouch for me.)

So of the three people from my favorite summer show that I wanted to meet (and have pink drinks with, but that's Phase 2), I have now met Mia Michaels and Tyce DiOrio (or, as Mac calls him, "Tasty Oreo.") At this point I'll be very much surprised if I don't meet Cat Deeley.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

this is some serious, serious dancing y'all

So, I didn't have time to recap last week's show. (I don't really have it this week either but I'm doing it anyway.) Before I get started with this week's, a couple thoughts:

Cat + Tarzan yell = LOVE.

Courtney & Gev are completely growing on me in terms of charm alone, and I thought both of their dances here were fantastically entertaining.

Thayne & Comfort each had a chance to rock my face off in their own styles, and while I actually thought they were good--better than the judges did, for sure--they were just good. Still, as much as I ragged on him for having only one expression, I'll miss Thayne's smile. He's a lovely dancer and seems like a real sweetheart.

Kherington & Twitch have reached a dangerous level of "good not great" for me, and I wasn't surprised to see them in the bottom three. They're delightful, and their solos were awesome, but I've lost a wee bit of love here.

Jessica & Will's much-loved first number was pretty great, and their second was pretty crap, just as everyone said. Will's solo blew my freaking mind. It's a shame that Jessica's injury will keep her from competing, because I certainly am not going to wish the girl harm. But it was also a good time for her to go.

Katee & Joshua are losing a bit, for me. Their swing last week didn't rock my world, and their waltz was lovely, but not exciting, and the Bollywood was almost too much of a novelty for me to tell how good they were. I'm going to guess they were good and I still think they're fabulous people, but something went a little off for me. I'm hoping they get it back tonight.

Chelsie & Mark are the big big winners in my book. Both their salsa and Broadway routines were smokin' for me. I think they're great and unique dancers and I love that they always get into character.

So my top 3 couples ended up in the top 3, and the bottom 3 ended up in the bottom 3. Onto tonight.

(Not to be all obnoxious about it, but, um, Lil C and Dave Scott were at Monday's event, too. It was seriously the coolest event ever. Also, I don't remember who it was that tried to tell me Dave Scott didn't choreograph for this show, but I TOLD YOU SO. Okay, that WAS obnoxious...)

Courtney & Joshua, Hip Hop: So fun! The whole Bride of Frankenstein concept was freaky and totally entertaining. I also thought it was danced well. Josh is ridiculously good in this style. Their chemistry, as a new couple, was good, but, I don't know. It kind of felt like Josh needed to be there for Courtney more. It felt a little like he was showing off instead of showing her off, which I think was kind of the concept of the piece? I don't know. I can appreciate that they're dancing for themselves as individuals now, but he's not going to earn any votes by being a selfish partner. Then again, maybe it was my imagination?

1. Chelsie solo: Ah the bane of all the show's Latin dancers. Great use of stage, for sure. Mostly, though, this makes it really obvious that her achievements with all the other styles she's mastered is that much more impressive.

Kherington & Mark, Country Two-Step: Raise your hand if the twirling baby mama kind of blew your mind? I mean, I can't twirl like that without falling down, and I don't have that kind of belly messing with my balance. MAN. As for how our couple does, I'd read from some country dancin' purists that this wasn't an actual two-step. Okay. Like this show has ever used a style as more than a "loose guideline" anyway. I mean, if Wade Robson were choreographing a country two-step, he'd have Kherington as a milkmaid and Mark as a cow (complete with costume) building pyramids with cornhusks on stage. So, I guess I'm saying I don't so much care about accuracy. I DO care about good choreography, and this stuff was really flat and boring for me. On top of that, there were a couple obvious mistakes, and I'm glad we had crazy/smart Mary Murphey to break down what was wrong with them for us. I think Mark's upright posture and Kherington's girl-next-door look totally suited the dance style, which was good. But halfway through it I found myself wishing I was watching the weird-ass Wade Robson version, and hoping that Mark's solo is the most awesome thing ever. And not caring about Kherington's at all.

2. Gev, solo: Did he goof a jump he meant to do? Does anyone care? This guy is all tricks, but I love them, and really think he does them better than anyone.

Comfort & Twitch, Smooth Waltz: To "Open Arms" by Journey. Awesome. These two look like they worked really hard on this, but are just way out of their element. The lines & extensions they do get right make me wish they would have gotten more right. I don't think it was as bad as Nigel & Mary made it out to be, but I do think for Top 10 dancers it should have been a lot better.

You know what I love, though? Cat Deeley saying, "No one puts Comfort in a corner," and then being so pleased with her own joke she giggles and sticks her tongue out. I don't want to get all creepy with this whole, "I'm meant to be friends with her" thing, but I seriously might have to start stalking her.

3. Courtney, solo: She's really throwing herself into it, and I appreciate it so much. You go, tiny little darling girl.

Katee & Will, Broadway: Katee + Will + Tyce = AWESOME. Or, at least it should. Tyce, WTF is up with having Will sit still, even for a second of this routine? And why was it all slow & flat? You had two technically awesome dancers, and you gave them this? YOU gave them THIS? Sigh. I mean, the Titanic thing was cute, but I think this was almost too easy for these two. And also I don't approve of the whole literal "corrupting the uptight guy on/near a boat" thing when we all know it's a song that a gambler named Nicely Nicely sings in order to confess his sins. Tyce, I say this with love, but I expect more from you, dude. ALL THAT SAID. I thought these two kicked this disappointing routine in the teeth, and did the best possible job they could have done with it.

Note: Mia sitting next to Dmitri in the audience. Who wants to help me start that rumor?

4. Mark, solo: On the one hand, I like his weird Queen dance. On the other hand, it doesn't really show off his freakiness or his technique enough.

Chelsie & Gev, Contemporary: To one of my all-time favorite love songs, "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding. It's official. I don't care for Sonya (Sonja?)'s choreography. "Let's have Chelsie on her back twitching her legs all weird in a dance about soul mates, shall we? Yes, and some abrupt, jerky-looking flips, and if we could do our best to have this gorgeous, graceful girl flopping around like a fish or a rag doll, that'd be GREAT." MEH, I say. I think Gev did a pretty great job in this style. Chelsie, however, looked kind of stupid, and that totally was not her fault.

5. Comfort, solo: She keeps getting better & better at her solos. I still think she's a bit out of her element in the top 10, but that was a good solo.

6. Twitch, solo: This guy is crazy, sick, astonishing, and awesome. I could watch him dance his own style all night.

Cat, standing shoulders up, arms akimbo, greeting Twitch in a lowered man-voice: "Hello. Do you fancy saving the universe?"

Courtney & Joshua, Rhumba: HOT. That was hot hot hot! The choreography by Jean Marc was sensational. Smokin'. And these two hit every connection in a way that just showed up every other couple so far. The trust, the chemistry, was great--Joshua definitely wasn't selfish in this routine, thankfully. I can't tell if the rhumba technique was there? But I don't care. And Mary says it was, so there you go. Totally awesome.

7. Katee, solo: The girl just dances like she can't help it. The moves are executed beautifully, with joy emanating through her. Loving her so hard right now.

Kherington & Mark, Jazz: Fun song ("Canned Heat"), fun choreography. The chemistry is off between these two. The steps were fine, but the performance wasn't super exciting. I think Lil C nailed it: they weren't confident enough. It should have been a lot more fun than it was.

8. Will, solo: Yes, he's a brilliant dancer and this was great, if a little over-wraught. I think I would have loved this much more with a different song.

Comfort & Twitch, Hip Hop: With Dave Scott choreography. This is BRILLIANT. Getting two awesome hip hop dancers doing awesome choreography like this is just a huge treat for the show and those of us who watch it. If Comfort stays around this week, then it's because doing this routine totally saved her bacon. YAY. I'll be watching this one again.

9. Kherington, solo: I think I'm officially over Kherington. I thought this was just okay. Maybe she has a migraine or something? But girl has had an off night.

Katee & Will, Pas de Deux: Let's get the two most technically proficient dancers on the show and have them try some ballet, shall we? Oh, yes please. This stupid version of "Imagine" SUCKS, but the dance is otherwise sublime. Sublime. These two. What a great pairing, and another great treat for us tonight. Yeah, there was a mistake, but this is some serious, serious dancing y'all. I loved Nigel's critique (when he finally got to it), and agree with him completely--if they'd nailed it, they never would have been able to surpass it.

10. Joshua, solo: So much fun, this guy. Tricks, dancing, performance, character, the works. He connects with the audience, I think, better than anyone else on the show.

Chelsie & Gev, Jive: These rarely go well, but this one is fun. The energy is really matching the song and the steps, and they attack it reasonably well. Chelsie's owning this, I think, more than Gev, and I love that Lil C is agreeing with me here. (I've actually been loving Lil C all night tonight.) Overall, though, it's a fun end to a long night.

That's a lot. I'm tired. Final breakdown for the evening, ranked from best/favorite to worst/least favorite:
Katee, Courtney, Chelsie, Comfort, Kherington
Will, Joshua, Twitch, Gev, Mark

Given how much I was lovin' Mark last week, and how much I enjoyed Kherington at the top of this season I never thought I'd be picking those two to be voted off at this point, but there you go. We'll see how right I am.

So there I was

Okay, here's what happened.

On Monday, I worked at a red carpet DVD launch event for Step Up 2. Yes, worked. I was checking in talent, wrangling them in & out of a stretch Escalade (...I know), and getting them interviews on the red carpet. It was chaotic and exhausting and fun.

So there I was, at the end of the carpet, my crew of dancers had finally done their last interview. There was Mia, just hanging out on her own, waiting for her friend Brian to finish an interview or something. So I just introduced myself and said hi. I told her I was a huge fan of the show and her choreography, and that I appreciated her thoughtful critiques. She smiled a genuine smile and thanked me, and was completely gracious and fabulous and awesome.

Later at the party, after watching some AMAZING dance battles, enjoying a couple cocktails and a shaking a little booty (I shared the dance floor with Season 3's Hok & Dominic), I saw her and Brian again, talking to my friend Chris, the magnificent orchestrator of this entire event. I asked Chris if it would be totally lame if I asked for a picture with Mia & Brian, since I forgot earlier, and he said no problem, and. Ta Da!

Now I just have to meet Cat & Tyce, and pink drinks here we come! (Brian can come too, of course. He seems absolutely charming.)

And there you have it. Sometimes my job is made up of scheduling conflicts, huge projects with tight deadlines, yucky accounting & tax stuff, and all kinds of other stress. And sometimes my job is the most fabulous thing ever.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008


Imagine my surprise when I realized it was Friday morning, and I had not only not blogged a recap for So You Think You Can Dance yet, I hadn't even watched it yet. Catching up from our trip has kept us super busy, and now we have company, deadlines, and (of course) a movie to watch this afternoon. Crazy!

I was pretty surprised that Kourtni & Matt left last week. I really thought they deserved more time. So without having seen anything of the show or looking up anything online (swear!) I'm going to guess that Thayne and Comfort finally danced their last SYTYCD dance, and then find some results and see how accurate I was. And then watch some dancing this weekend.

Teaser: Wait til you hear what I'm doing on Monday...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

23 mosquito bites

What I did on my Summer Vacation in Minnesota:

Saw the biggest dragonfly ever.

Watched & blogged SYTYCD with my sister which was SO FUN. I wish I could have transcribed us watching it a little more accurately.

Enjoyed two shows at First Avenue and the Triple Rock Social Club, thanks to the connections and generosity of my brother-in-law Chip and his rock star friends.

Went for a jog down Summit Avenue. (No, seriously.)

Read Posh Spice's "That Extra Half an Inch" and learned that Brits refer to tank tops as vests, and Posh not only wears acrylic nails on her toes, but she has most likely gotten poo under her fingernails at least once from changing her sons' nappies. All of this, unsurprisingly, just makes me like her that much more.

Discovered Room and Board, and picked out this bedroom set to replace the crappy furniture currently living in our bedroom (eventually).

Sang the Star Spangled Banner with my sister while watching fireworks explode over Gold Medal Park. It was really pretty. Both the fireworks and the singing.
Fireworks on the riverFireworks on the river
Fireworks on the riverFireworks on the river

Bought Mac his first Nut Goodie, purchased at Fleet Farms.

Went to the Walker and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden where we finally saw the (in)famous "Spoonbridge and Cherry," the bizarre-yet-striking Oldenburg sculpture that was installed in 1988, and has come to dominate pictures of the Twin Cities.
Spoonbridge and Cherry

Ate the most delicious ribs I've ever tasted, oh my god. Thanks Chip!

Met up with an old friend from high school, and the guy who was kind enough to go with me to my senior prom (he'd already graduated, bless him).
Prom dates, 15 years later

Got about 23 mosquito bites.

Checked out the St. Croix River in Wisconsin.
St. Croix River

Cuddled a blue tick hound puppy with a taste for flip flops.

Met a hospitable and generous business man with a passion for art and architecture.
Stained glass at Tall Oaks

And so much more. We had such a wonderful time with my sister and her husband. Not to get all mushy and cheesy, but it's a real blessing in my life to have a sister who is also a best friend. I know that it doesn't always happen that way with families, and once again, I find that I feel very lucky and very grateful.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shirtless Twitch

I'm blogging SYTYCD with my sister Amy today from Minnesota. During the intros:
"Ooh, Josh just winked at me!"
"Courtney always starts with that super cheesy grin, it's so cute."
"Wait, what is Gev doing? What? WHAT? DAMN!!"

There are 14 dances tonight, so less goofy packages, more dance. Yay!!

1. Jessica & Will, Jive: Will can do anything, and this is no exception. He makes everything he does look so easy. This was a lively and fun number, and that lift through Will's legs? You know the one? That was crazy!! And they nailed it! That said, Jessica is still heavy on most of the lifts. Amy was wondering if maybe Will wasn't partnering strong enough; I think maybe Jessica needs to throw herself into her lifts and tricks more, and that's why they come across as heavy. In their critique, Mary & Nigel show that, while they may be crazy, they are dance experts and their critique here is really helpful in pointing out was was wrong and right with this routine.

2. Comfort & Thayne, Broadway: Or, at Cat says, "Broooodway." Amy & me: "She looks great in red." "Totally." "He could be hittin' it harder." "She's kind of killin' it, though." "He should be killin' it." "Yeah, he LOOKS like a Jet." "He has really big hands. Did you ever notice that?" "I notice it now!" I'm not super crazy about the routine. It was reasonably well done, and their chemistry is good, especially for a new couple, but given the music it should have been a little tougher and more intense, which I'm starting to suspect is a tall order for Thayne. I don't agree with Nigel that they'd get boo'd off a Broadway stage, though. Harsh, dude.

3. Kourtni & Matt, Hip Hop: Two out of two sisters in this living room agree--Matt was super suave and awesome, and totally out-danced Kourtni for the first time on this show. The second half of the routine was better than the first, for sure. The smooth choreography was nice, and I thought they were really together most of the time. Amy thought it was good and I do too, but I think Kourtni could have just brought a lot more.

4. Chelsie & Mark, Jazz: I love these two, and I'm starting to believe they can do anything. They really throw themselves into every style which makes them so much fun to watch. They're totally great here. Their chemistry is sensational, their performance is fantastic, and we totally loved it.

5. Kherington & Twitch, Paso Doble: The first slide down with the cape is a little rough. The capes are kind of distracting at the beginning, and I guess this was supposed to be "cape work?" I wasn't feeling it. Their moves feel a little fake in this routine. Like their personalities don't suit the dance, or something. Amy was saying that she would have loved to have seen it with Chelsie instead, which isn't a great sign. We thought Twitch was good, but it's entirely possible we were just distracted by his bare chest. Ahem.

6. Katee & Josh, Contemporary: We hate Katee's hair, with the big bubble of bangs on her head. WE LOVE THIS ROUTINE. When it ended the hair on my arms was on end and there was a tear in my eye. The routine was crazy awesome, the moves were so creative and genius (Mia Michaels), and they committed and nailed it and performed the hell out of it. I loved how the big moves were breathtaking, and the tiny moves, down to their fingers, were dynamic. Just sensational.

7. Courtney & Gev, Hip Hop: Amy: "Yay! Gev gets hip hop!!" So, Gev looks like he's just doing this for fun, like it's completely effortless for him. Courtney's working hard and selling the crap out of it. They really could have given Gev a lot more to do--I think this was just way too easy a routine for him. The judges are hard on them, but I think this is where the judges got it a little wrong. The routine was flawless, but Gev just needed a lot more to do, and needed to sell it a bit harder.

8. Jessica & Will, Lyrical Jazz: The camera work on the beginning of this was a bummer, because we missed Will's big leap, and some other key moves. Everything else was great. This routine was sexy and fantastic. This is the best Jessica has done all season, and even the lifts were great. Will was genius, again, and their chemistry was fantastic. Amy & I also agree with the high-pitched "Eeeeeee!"s in the audience, re: the Hotness of Will, because. OW. Yeah. He's fabulous.

9. Comfort & Thayne, Smooth Waltz: This was lovely. Very light. They really seemed to dance it well. Comfort was light and beautiful, and I thought Thayne was very well suited for the style, and really kept his frame nicely. And stayed in character really well. The whole thing was dreamy and fabulous.

10. Kourtni & Matt, Mambo: Well, they look great. And Matt's working really hard, again. I think he's trying really hard this week not to end up voted off the show. Kourtni seems to be having a bit of a hard time time out there. We liked Matt a lot better than the judges did. We think maybe Kourtni was sick? Or had a bad headache? She just wasn't as "up" & lively as she usually is.

11. Chelsie & Mark, Foxtrot: First, costumes. Mark looks so handsome all suited up and slicked back. Chelsie's dress is kind of overwhelming her. The routine is fun and sexy. I wish we could have seen some of Chelsie's lines a bit more. I love these guys, though, and I thought the whole thing was fantastic.

But, seriously folks: Who peed in Nigel's Wheaties? He's just all kind of cranky & impatient this show.

12. Kherington & Twitch, Contemporary: So, this starts with Shirtless Twitch laying on the bed, and we're just kind of like, "Okay." Kherington didn't get to do enough, and why was she stuck behind the bed so much? We didn't get to see her lines. Twitch was good, though. Very strong, and really comitted to this style. I liked Mia's other routine so much more. The other one was way more dancing; this was way more drama. Not that we mind watching shirtless Twitch laying on a bed, of course. I just wish there'd been more dancing.

13. Katee & Joshua, West Coast Swing: Choreographed by the Schwimmers! So the music sucks, and their costumes suck. The choreography is cute, but the dancing is just okay. I'm so bummed, 'cause you know I love these guys. It should have been a whole lot bouncier, and a lot more fun. I'm surprised that the judges weren't harsher on them. I would have really loved to have seen the Schwimmers dance this, but, again--that's not a sign of a strong routine.

14. Courtney & Gev, Broadway: I LOVE these costumes, and I love the song. This was so much fun. We think these two, especially Gev, worked really hard on this one. The performance was great, the dancing was good. Plus, really, these two just could not be cuter.

Like Amy said just now, I think at this point it's more about the top four couples, and less about the bottom three. I also agree with her, that at this point, some couples are these popularity juggernauts, and others just "marked." I think once those marked couples are eliminated, though, certain couples (Twitchington, Courtney & Gev) are going to have to step up to keep up with the top dancers on the show. That said,

Chelsie & Mark, Kherington & Twitch, Katee & Joshua, Courtney & Gev

Bottom Three:
Jessica & Will, Comfort & Thayne, Kourtni & Matt