Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Don't fuss with the girls."

Last night's show, as briefly as I can.

Cat's side part makes her look like a Wakefield Twin.

Boys group: Brandon & Ade nail the style Sonya was going for--one I particularly liked, in fact--and Evan keeps up respectably. Why he keeps getting props from the judges for just keeping up at this point is quite beyond me.

Jeanine & Ade 1, Samba: Two seriously hot dancers doing a hot dance to a hot/nasty song...with tepid results, unfortunately.

Kayla solo: Fabulous, but did it seem a wee bit desperate to anyone else?

Melissa & Evan 1, Broadway: Evan is great in his ideal style--Cute--and Melissa is also cute, but I'm just not as delighted by this as I feel I should be.

Ade solo: I love this kid, but I feel like I've seen this solo before. Yawn.

Kayla & Brandon 1, Contemporary: (Stacey Tookey!) Goosebumps. Best dance of the night. Amazing partnership. Final Two written all over it. Brilliant.

Melissa solo: Lovely. Showed nice variation & range on her style, and excellent music choice.

Jeanine & Ade 2, Hip Hop: Napoleobitha, with props (sigh). Ade's hat covering his face is a mistake. Well danced, but not hitting it out of the park. For me, anyway. The judges lost their minds over it.

Brandon solo: He breaks out his original audition piece, which might be smart, or might be a bit lazy maybe? It's amazing, still, though.

Melissa & Evan 2, Quickstep: This just makes me wish for a big ol' swing number--where have they been? Too easy? Otherwise, this dance is slick & pretty & fine.

Jeanine, Solo: A little too much sex kitten pouting, sweetie. You're sexy without it, girl, knock it off.

Evan, Solo: Cute. What else would it be?

Kayla & Brandon 2, Disco: UGH DISCO GOD WHY. For what it is, it's fabulous. These two, seriously. Loving the hell out of them.

Girls group: Kayla & Jeanine nail the style; Melissa doesn't hit it as hard. As a bit of a comic geek, though, I love the concept. (Cat: "Don't fuss with the girls.")

Brandon & Evan staying, Ade leaving--not what I want, but what I think will happen
Kayla & Jeanine staying, Melissa leaving--not what I expected to want, but what I think will happen

I think Evan & Jeanine maybe should leave at this stage, but I think they have the votes.

If Brandon or Kayla leave I am DONE with this season.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sitting here kind of gaping

100th Episode! Yeeeeeaaaayyyy!

And Cat decided to raid Linda Richman's wardrobe for this episode because....?

I just love it when they do the montage of all the best dancers of the past seasons. So much amazing talent on this show, I just love it so freaking much.

So when they announce the bottom four, it's Janette, Kayla, Jason and ... BRANDON?? I know I predicted Kayla, just in terms of voting/personality, but let's be clear: she probably is the best female dancer in this season. And if she isn't, Janette is. And I was kind of over Jason, but he had a great night last night. Brandon had that waltz, but he's also Brandon and kind of a genius. And I was just sitting here kind of gaping when Mac said, "Remember: America is stupid."

Oh. Right. I mean... I don't actually believe that. But right now I'm really feeling like something's gone horribly wrong. Or like Evan has a phone bank somewhere.

Also, can someone please tell me what the hell happened to Sabra? Why doesn't she ever come back to the show??

Also also, I need to find more videos of Wade Robson dancing, because HI. I mean. It's just a whole other level watching him dance, as opposed to just choreographing isn't it? So sharp and perfect and professional and awesome. What a treat for us!

As for the Katie Holmes treat, well. It was nice to see Mark and Joshua in that, at least.

The results: Janette is leaving, just as I was starting to believe she could win the whole thing. Jason joins her, which isn't as big of a shock, I guess.

And so the 100th episode ends, not with a bang, but with my DVR paused over Jason's tears, and me realizing I have to freaking PACK. Yikes!

As always, I welcome your thoughts!!

"Have you ever...? I mean seriously."

It's a little tragic that I haven't blogged my favorite summer show two weeks in a row, but my life is busy and it's not like I'm gettin' paid for this. SO. The 100TH EPISODE has already started and I haven't even made predictions, so I'm watching on the DVR now and will do a superquick shortcut blog of Wednesday's performances.

First: Ellen Degeneres rocks and is hilarious and I love her. Fab.

Travis's Group Dance: Cute!

Janette & Evan 1, Sonya Jazz: Evan was better than usual but not great. Janette was FANFREAKINGTASTIC. Mac: "Now's the time on Sprockets when we dance."

Kayla Solo: I just love watching her dance.

Jeanine & Brandon 1, Waltz: Yawn. Also, Jeanine's yellow dress doesn't go with this song or number. Random observation, but there it is.

Jason Solo: Cute, but not much more.

Melissa & Ade 1, Cha Cha: Prim when it should have been a lot sexier.

Janette Solo: Clearly trying to show how much she's grown, and I appreciate that. Even if I do hate that she made me listen to Celine Dion.

Kayla & Jason 1, Broadway: Slinky, and exactly what the dance calls for. I love how Kayla can rock any costume or makeup or character anyone throws at her, inhabits it completely, but still shines through as herself. Such a rare gift she is.

Ade Solo: I just want to hug him, is all.

Janette & Evan 2, Rhumba: Janette continues to win at everything, and I'm officially over Evan. He can go any day and I won't cry over it. Also, he's just, like, 1/3 head, and 2/3 tiny dude body. He's like a bobblehead.

Melissa Solo: I appreciate that she did something a different and not totally "I'M A BALLERINA," despite wearing her point shoes. Well done.

Jeanine & Brandon 2, Pop Jazz: Really great, really committed.Brandon is much better, and they're a bit of a mis-matched couple, in terms of energy. But overall fantastic.

Evan Solo: Been there, seen that. I love it, but I'm kind of done with it. It's kind of like, I like pancakes, but I couldn't eat them all the time. I only like them every once in awhile.

Jeanine Solo: Fabulous. She's really gone from being a meh dancer to one of my favorites. Very well done.

Melissa & Ade 2, Contemporary: Sublime, heartfelt, gorgeous and painful. Beautiful work by Tyce, beautifully danced by the couple.

Brandon Solo: DAMN. 'Nuff said. (Cat: "Have you ever...? I mean seriously.")

Kayla & Jason 2, Hip Hop: Crazy, sick. Awesome. Jason proves he can do more than Cute. Kayla proves, yet again, some more, that she can do anything brilliantly.

Predictions: UGH. So impossible to say, and I kind of don't want to because I know the results/100th episode are waiting for me. Of the guys, I was kind of ready for either Evan or Jason to go before this episode, and now I'd basically still just be okay with Evan. Of the girls... I mean, they're all so freaking good at this stage. I think she's freaking genius, but it might be Kayla just because, like Will last season, she's not as engaging personally as she is brilliant as a dancer. But we'll see...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the same thrill I always used to get

I don't have a blog/analysis of this week's Top 10 show, so I'm going to just say that Travis's routine was senfreakingsational, guess that Randi & Kupono are going home (weak paso doble, weak solos), and see how that turns out.

Also, congrats to Mia, Tabitholeon, Tasty Oreo and Dmitry Chaplin on their Emmy nominations! So awesome!!

I went and did a Google video search of the numbers they were nominated for, and Dmitry's tango was danced by last year's winner, Joshua. Watching it again, I got the same thrill I always used to get watching him dance. His commitment, strength, skill and character still just rock my world.

Then I looked up Benji & Donyelle's Shane Spark's "Too Much Booty" on Google video to see if that still holds up as The Moment when I fell in love with those two and wanted them to win (and, honestly, when I fell in love with the show), and sure enough I was just as delighted as I was three years ago.

Then I looked up Sabra & Neil's jazz routine to "Sweet Dreams," which is the moment I really started to want Sabra to win, and it was exactly as awesome as I remember.

My point is, I just don't feel that Connection with any of these Top 10 so far this year. I like Ade, I admire Brandon, I've become a little "meh" on the other three guys. Jeanine's grown on me, I like Melissa but I'm losing interest for some reason, Janette's awesome but comes on a little strong for me, Kayla's awesome but doesn't come on strong enough (except on the floor), and Randi's just cute and kind of boring.

I dunno. I still love the show to pieces, but I'm not feeling that LOVE I felt for Joshua last year, nor am I feeling that competitive spirit I did last year when Twitch was constantly nipping at his heels right to the final two. You know?

What do you think? Who do you LOVE this season? And, if no one, why do you think that is? And who are you favoring to win?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

identifying the best of the best

You know you're getting older when you start referring to your favorite TV show as "my dance program" and you record an episode of Nova all in the same week. SIGH.

The program starts with the crowd going wild for Cat Deeley, and honestly I can't tell if she cut her hair into that fetching bob, or if it's just tucked up? It's cute, and I love a short hair cut on a girl, but I miss her flowing locks of perfect hair.

The good news is, all the couples are performing twice tonight—YAY! MORE DANCING! Instead of blogging in order, I’m going to group the dances together by couple.

1. Melissa & Ade
Dance 1: Disco - UGH. I've really started to hate the disco routines on this show. The choreography is so jilted between the dancing and the lifts, and the lifts are all so crazy hard, that it's hard for couples to really have fun. In this, I think Ade is surprisingly great at what I think is a bad number--he's having fun, his overall dancing and, as he said, "swagger" are perfect, and it makes me really want to see him in a hip hop routine, oddly. Also, I am just really really starting to love the hell out of him, and I'm pretty sure he's my favorite dancer on the show. Melissa, on the other hand, kills the steps, but is a little stiff. And, after they nail all these crazy hard lifts her foot slips on the last pose and she falls, which is a shame. But! She picks herself up and smiles and laughs, which I appreciate. The judges love the hell out of it, of course, because of whatever devil's pact they made with Doriana Sanchez.

Dance 2: Waltz – From the first move, this dance is gorgeous. These two are really well suited to the waltz, with Melissa’s grace and Ade’s strength. Ade charms me again with his grace and his commitment to the style. Not to mention some flawless pirouettes! And Melissa is all lines and floaty dress and pretty pretty pretty. Plus I thought having them waltz to “Natural Woman” (Mary J’s version) is a genius musical choice. Beautiful!

2. Kayla & Kupono
Dance 1: Contemporary - Mia Michaels is doing a dance about addiction, because there is NO SUCH THING as a show on TV that is not about addiction and/or daddy issues, and it has finally infiltrated the dance-off show. And yet. It's beautiful, and so powerful. The dancing is perfect, their characters are perfect, and the story is so tragically rendered that I'm crying at the end. It's kind of hard to watch, actually, because it's such an authentic, cathartic piece about something so hard to fight or witness. Mia, though. Wow, honey.

Dance 2: Broadway – Joey Dowling again, whom I didn’t love last week. But again they get characters to play, which is awesome for them. And the routine is great! The choreography is rad and fun, and they dance it really well and totally bring it to life. We finally get to see some plain ol’ fun and sweetness in Kayla’s face, for a change, which is nice. They don’t totally nail the style just right, though, and Nigel’s critique is spot-on. West Side Story contains my favorite music and dancing of any Broadway musical, and there’s a frenetic energy, tightness and toughness that’s inherent to the story that would have been so great to see here. But also like they said, it was still danced well.

3. Caitlin & Jason
Dance 1: Foxtrot - The number kicks off with style, and within 15 seconds I'm wishing I could see someone with more finesse in this dance. The choreography and the song are so fabulous and slinky, and these two are merely dancing well and making faces. And, no, it's not the crazy-ass characters they had to inhabit last week (or Kayla & Kupono worked just before them), but these are characters they have a chance to play, foxtrot or no, and they miss the opportunity. Caitlin is much better, as strong as she usually is, and she looks gorgeous. But Jason, whom I had such high hopes for at the top of the season, is weak as hell. The judges give high praise, but I think it was for the stylish routine more than it was for the dancing. Once again, great choreography helped save dancing that was merely okay.

Dance 2: Lyrical Jazz – They get a routine that Mandy Moore calls “the kitchen sink” because it has everything in it. And it’s fantastic entertainment. They’re clearly in their own element, and after struggling a bit here and there to get to this point in the competition, it’s really nice to see. It feels almost relaxing to watch them dance this choreography. But, like Mary said, I’m not sure if they danced it well enough to be memorable.

4. Jeanine & Phillip
Dance 1: Russian Folk Dance - WTF? (Mac: "Who's bright idea was this shit?") Seriously, I can appreciate it as its own fabulous style of dance, or whatever, but the result--with this couple at least--is just kind of goofy. Phillip's leaps are WEAK-ASS. (Remember Joshua's leaps in his Russian number last year? Hi.) Jeanine does a respectable job, and works hard to have fun, which I appreciate. Mostly, this feels like someone wants these two to go home. I'm tellin' y'all it’s sabotage.

Dance 2: Jive – So, Jeanine, in this fringed bra top, you guys, is so sexy it’s kind of distracting. Like, Phillip is lucky to have such a hot number for a partner that no one hardly looks at him. Because when I do look at him, I find him to be a little weak—not finishing lines, not bouncing enough, and just seeming like he’s nervous and not quite keeping up. Nigel gives Phillip props he doesn’t deserve, in my opinion, but I think they just want him in the Top 10. Jeanine, on the other hand, is on fire. Smokin’ or not, however, the overall number is just cute.

5. Randi & Evan
Dance 1: Hip Hop – Tabitholeon choreograph a story of a couple getting engaged and just finding out about having a baby, which sounds so freaking cheesy, and with these two white kids I’m totally prepared to hate on it before it starts. And, you know? I didn’t. I rather enjoyed it, actually. Randi is surprisingly great, and Evan at least did this choreography really well (which is not the same as saying either of them can dance hip hop really well, my feelings on Napolitha’s non-urban, store-bought "hip hop" being fairly well known at this point). Also, it is kind of cheesy, but they sell the hell out of it, and bring a lot of the joy in the dance out, and I found myself going “Aw!” a couple times. In short, this was a really nice surprise, and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Dance 2: Samba – Choreographed by Pasha and Anya! Hi guys! Great to see you! Oh, they’re just as adorable as I remember, and I’m looking forward to their choreography. Which kicks off with so much going on, including these really over the top animal print costumes, that I barely know what to think. I think it’s danced well, but once again with these two, I find myself thinking that they’re cute when they should be raw or earthy or dirty. I like these two a lot, but ultimately I think they haven’t grown beyond the cute thing, and they’re going to have to, especially Evan, if they want to last much longer.

6. Janette & Brandon
Dance 1: Argentine Tango – These two, in this are just…. WOW. They’re amazing. The whole thing is strong and sexy and breathtaking. I think I said “Wow!” about 17 times in a row. Brandon is as flawless as we’ve come to expect from him, and Janette is kind of a revelation. As in, regardless of what happens for her in this competition, I think she has discovered a new calling in dance, and it’s the Argentine Tango. She’s ridiculously perfect. Wow. The judges, of course, have nothing bad to say, go completely bananas over it, and even give them a standing ovation, and for once I don’t find their effusiveness undeserved.

Dance 2: “Jazz” – Which is in quotes, because it’s Wade Robson, which means a little less actual jazz and a little more weirdness. The costumes are great, as well. (Mac: “It’s Willy Wonka’s children!”) And the dancing? IS SO AWESOME!!!! Mac and I were both squealing “Eeeeee!” with rapture and delight, mixed in with “Wow!” over their gorgeous, flawless technique and style. That thing, where they slink across the floor in unison, sliding the brims of their hats? Awesome. It’s so freaking cartoony and fun and as they’re moving towards the end of the dance, and their table prop (they’re supposed to be jewel thieves, evidently) Mac and I are all, “What are they going to find?!?” “I don’t know!” As soon as it ends I immediately rewind my DVR and watch it again, because I’m just so tickled and entertained. In conclusion: JANETTE AND BRANDON FOR THE WIN! It’s freaking GENIUS and officially my favorite routine of the season so far. My only complaint, and it’s minor, is that Wade uses another Roisin Murphy song, AGAIN, SOME MORE. Seriously, that’s three Roisin Murphy songs, Wade. Someone needs to make you a MIX CD. In fact, I will do that shit for you. Have you heard of Rasputina, the Dresden Dolls? Maybe some Ting Tings? Let’s branch out, sweetie.

Overall, I think all six couples are very good at this point, but some are just trying harder, committing more, and working harder than others. So predicting results is really more about identifying the best of the best. And that, right now, is Janette & Brandon, with everyone else just fighting to stay out of the Bottom Three, not necessarily fighting for that top spot. Which is kind of like me hedging my bets in case my predictions are wrong, maybe. But also, some people really need to step up.

Janette & Brandon – For delivering perfection week after week, overcoming their fairly annoying bio packages to become surprisingly likeable, and fully committing to every style they’re given.
Melissa & Ade – For working hard within and outside of their styles, being genuinely likeable, and showing what true grace under pressure looks like.
Kayla & Kupono – For truly growing week after week, creating outstanding chemistry despite their partner change, and inhabiting characters like no other to the point they border on brilliant.

Not Safe:
Caitlin & Jason – Because they’re good but not truly outstanding, because they have yet to shoot for the moon, and because they haven’t grown as much as some other dancers.
Jeanine & Phillip – Partly for that dumb Russian number, but also because of Phillip’s overall lack of technique. I think he’s skating a bit on personality, plus there’s only so far you can go when the judges say, week after week, “That was good considering your lack of training.”
Randi & Evan – Because they stay cute even though the routine calls for sexy, gritty, slick, earthy, or any number of other personalities. They only partially commit and play it safe, instead of taking risks that could maybe expose them as fools, or could allow them to be revelatory and truly be amazing.

Out of all of those, I feel like Caitlin and Jason, though adorable, have grown the least, and therefore deserve a Top 10 spot the least. Plus, not to be all cynical, but I think the producers are going to want Phillip and Evan in the Top 10 for the tour.

What did you think??

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I was surprised only once

It's been a long short week, y'all, and I really just wanted to sit with a glass of wine and watch the results without my laptop, so you must forgive me for not recapping the whole thing. However, it just finished, and here are my thoughts.

Last night, I think they gave several people the opportunity to shine in their own style. Janette got a cha cha which, while different from her salsa background, is still a Latin, partnered dance. Melissa got a pas de deux that she was able to do on point. Evan got a Broadway routine. Caitlin & Jason got a jazz/contemporary routine. Phillip got hip hop. It's extremely hard to believe that ALL of that was drawn out of a hat, and I think the producers of the show have a bit of an integrity problem at this point. We can get into more detail as to why I think that is a bit later, but it's a problem for the success of the show, because if people don't trust you, they don't like you, ergo they won't watch you. Tread carefully, Nigel.

But what was more interesting to me, is that despite some dancers being handed their own style, they still didn't deliver as well as I expected them to. So there's that, going into it.

The way they grouped the couples was interesting to me tonight, because every time there was a couple I thought should go standing next to a couple I thought was more likely to go, and I was surprised only once.

They stood up Karla & Vitolio with Randi & Evan, and although based on last night's performances I thought Randi & Evan should be in the Bottom Three, it turned out to be Karla & Vitolio. Disappointing and not what I predicted, but not surprising.

They stood up Kayla & Kupono with Melissa & Ade and Brandon & Janette. I knew for sure Brandon & Janette were safe, and I was right, but there was a question as to whether voters would support classical ballet, or if Kayla & Kupono's weird-but-beautifully-danced Sonya routine would be memorable enough for people. And Kayla & Kupono turned out to be the one couple I got right in my predictions, and landed in the Bottom Three.

Next up they stood up Caitlin & Jason with Jeanine & Phillip. Frankly, I thought Nappytabs routine was a lot of the same ol' same ol' (but with a gimmick/chain), and the dancers' performance lacked a little luster. I also didn't think Caitlin & Jason danced through their weird alien routine well enough. I did assume I was the only one who disagreed with the judges' over-the-top compliments of Jeanine & Phillip, however, and it turned out I was wrong. Caitlin & Jason got the votes, and Jeanine & Phillip landed in the Bottom Three for the first time.

I thought Kayla & Kupono's solos were weak and the rest were fabulous. But I also think they did an amazing job last night, and Kayla's one of the best dancers on the show. So I'm not super shocked when the judges decided to send home Karla & Vitolio. But I found that I did get a little teared up. I was just starting to really like those two.

I also take all of this way too seriously. (What is this "life" you speak of, and how do I get one? Is it different from "work your ass off until you're too exhausted to do anything but cook, eat, and watch TV"?)

Finally, I thought Kelly Clarkson was rad, and Cat's dress made her look even skinnier than she actually is, which is kind of ridiculous. And also, Mac and I both agree that, skinny or not, Cat Deeley's charm, grace and wit on this show makes her Win at everything else, and we still love her.

Only one more couple is eliminated before we get our Top 10. Who do you think it will be??

hi, my sentiments exactly

If you want more “easy entertaining” entries, please direct yourself right on over to my brand-spankin’-new blog, “Someone’s in the kitchen with me” at Because I didn’t have nearly enough going on—why not run two blogs?? And with that, we now return you to your regularly scheduled So You Think You Can Dance recap.

Tonight’s episode kicks off with the totally-overused-this-season O’ Fortuna from Carmina Burana, because evidently that song is simply code for High! Drama! Cat’s hot pink black-belted party frock, on the other hand, is code for totally hot and also adorable. I would so wear that dress. The belt has rock star silver studs on it? And the dress has pockets?!? COVET.

1. Janette & Brandon, Cha Cha – Jean Marc & France Generaux choreographing to a Pussycat Dolls song. The dancing is sensational, but from time to time I find myself distracted by how often the two of them pull faces or maybe even lip sync along, which I understand is a big no no in dancing. Brandon does it the most, and his movements, while extremely strong, are also a little stiff. Janette is flawless, and while we expect that because of her salsa background, I’m also impressed with how much fun she seems to be having. I mean, how fun is it to watch someone dance when she or he clearly really super loves dancing, right? Overall, I thought it was great, but maybe not as A.MAZ.ING as the judges did.

2. Kayla & Kupono, Contemporary – With Sonya, who’s channeling Twilight with a vampire-y routine set to “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation. It’s riveting. The choreography is as weird as you’d expect from Sonya, but the two of them render it with so much precision, commitment, and emotion, and they’re so into each other with this story, that the result is just this spellbinding performance. Kupono is totally in his element, and Kayla shines with the same technique and performance I’ve really come to enjoy from her. I really love what Nigel said about the two of them reaching their true potential with this routine, because it’s spot on. Amazing growth from both dancers, and a really fabulous job with this routine.

3. Randi & Evan, Broadway – With new-to-the-show choreographer Joey Dowling, set to a Sweet Charity number, which is one of my favorite musicals. And I don’t know where Joey Dowling came from, but these steps aren’t doin’ a damn thing for me. I often say that, when it comes to TV or film, good writing can save bad acting, but the reverse is rarely true. I also happen to think that good choreography can save mediocre dancing, but the reverse is rarely true. What I’m seeing here is a couple working hard to add some personality, character, and chemistry to some otherwise bland Fosse rip-off (or "Fosse-inspired," if you'd rather--I wouldn't). Of course, the judges aren’t going to rip the choreography, so they nitpick the dancers a little.

4. Caitlin & Jason, Jazz – Or “Jazz,” with Brian Friedman, set to “Creator” by Santogold/Santigold. Caitlin’s alien costume is RIDICULOUS. But it suits the totally crazy, way over-the-top choreography. The dancers commit to the whole… weird thing Brian set up here, and I love that Nigel was all, “When it’s this weird you better COMMIT” because, hi, my sentiments exactly, as I was typing them. Which is good & all, but in the end I’m left wondering, how much of that routine was crazy-ass costumes & choreography, and how much was really the dancers? And I figure, if you have to ask, that ain’t great, right?

5. Jeanine & Phillip, Hip Hop – With Tabitha & Napoleon and “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West. I’m so freaking bored with this couple’s choreography. I’m sure they are delightful people and if I ever met them I’d be all “Eee NappyTabs!” like a fan or whatever, but seriously, we have seen. These steps. Before. Just because they chained the couple together (and, p.s. WTF?) doesn’t make it new. It’s reasonably well-danced—not enough awesome popping from Phillip, which is a missed opportunity, a decent effort at “toughness” from Jeanine, and a slight overuse of that frowny face non-hip-hoppers seem to think is somehow “gangsta,” or whatever. But it’s fine.

Not as FINE as Cat’s studded shoes, though, honey. They match her studded belt in just the best possible way. Seriously, I want the whole damn outfit. And her hair, please.

6. Melissa & Ade, Pas de Deux – Thordal Christiansen choreographs Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet” for the two and Melissa is on point!! Exciting! So is the chemistry for these two right off the bat. The dancing is so sublime and gorgeous I get teared up within 30 seconds. I can’t believe this show is selling its young American audience on traditional ballet, but I sure hope they’re buying because this number, and the two of them, are so beautiful. I’m actually all welled up and crying by the end. I can’t believe it.

Before the last couple, they introduce Nigel’s new Dizzy Feet Foundation, which sounds lovely. Anything that brings the arts to kids who may not otherwise be exposed to it because of their environment or budget cuts or whatever, is good in my book. Well done, Nigel.

7. Karla & Vitolio, Quickstep – New partnership and the “dreaded” quickstep, on one hand, but on the other: Jean Marc and France Generaux, who are fabulous. It’s also Rufus Wainwright’s version of “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” and a really fun, creative “night at the museum” type concept. And it is delightful! Granted, the dress change in the middle was CRAZY awesome and maybe a wee gimmicky, but just like the museum statues in this costume, I feel like these two really came alive with this number! Vitolio in particular really shone through in this, all debonair and charming. I feel like he's really working hard to get better and stay in the competition, and it really makes me root for him a lot more.

As for predictions, it's really hard this week because there was some weird choreography, some weak choreography, some dancers that got to hide behind their choreography, and some real growth and improvement, which is just so nice to see. There was also some flat-out gorgeous brilliance. With all that in mind, I’m going to predict,

Safe: Melissa & Ade, Janette & Brandon, Jeanine & Phillip and, I hope, actually, Karla & Vitolio

Not Safe and my reasons Why: Kayla & Kupono, because as much as I really loved their routine, I don’t know how memorable Sonya’s choreography will be for voters in the end (If I could arrange my own bottom three I'd swap these two out for Jeanine & Phillip, but I have a feeling thousands of tweenage voters disagree with me). Caitlin & Jason, because America has maybe had enough weird, and they didn't rise above it enough. And Randi and Evan, because they faltered a bit this week, and also had a less splashy routine. Out of those six the ONLY dancers I’d be okay with losing would be Caitlin and Jason. As likeable and adorable as they are, they’re just not fighting as hard to be here as I think some of the other dancers are, and with a group this strong, you better fight.

We’ll see who comes out swingin’ tomorrow, huh? What are your thoughts?