Thursday, September 25, 2008

smart, funny nutshell

If you haven't heard of Jay Smooth or the Ill Doctrine before now, you're in for a treat. I subscribe to his videos, and his most recent one hits on the head exactly how I'm feeling about our country's current economic crisis and it's jocks-are-better-than-nerds attitude towards smart people, just in general, all in one smart, funny nutshell.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spread the word.

Attention: rock stars and ass kickers.

I am hiring an Account Executive at Click Communications. The job is posted on LinkedIn. Here's what we're looking for. If you know someone, by all means send them my way:

  • Someone in the LA area. I know, this limits us but we need to be able to send this person to weekly client meetings, so s/he has to be local.
  • Someone who really gets PR. Not marketing, advertising, sales, or promotions, but PR. Yeah, there are some similarities, and I'm willing to look at people with backgrounds in related fields, but only if they truly understand what publicity is, and can convince me s/he's a super-quick study.
  • Someone who really gets online. We get a lot of publicists that apply to work for us and have no idea how to work with online media. Or, they don't understand the volume of press partners we work with. A hint: it's WAY MORE than you think.
  • Someone who is organized and works fast. Because of the volume of press we work with, and the volume of DVD titles we work on, an AE's email inbox can fill up fast. We're known for being super-responsive, so we need someone who isn't going to freak out when the inbox fills up. Everyone at Click manages a crazy email inbox, and gets all kinds of other things done at the same time. We need someone who can Keep Up.
  • Someone hungry and committed. Everyone here at Click works their asses off and loves their jobs. It's kind of crazy, but it's also kind of fun when you really believe in what you're doing. We really believe we're the best at what we do, and we're willing to push for Excellence every day in order to make sure we stay that way. Some days are more intense than others. The last month has been crazy busy, I won't lie. BUT when things get nuts, here's what's good: everyone knows that everyone is in the same boat and is carrying their own weight--no slackers. Mac & I are completely approachable and do our best to help anyone who gets overwhelmed. We reward our staff often with Movie Hooky Fridays and various other fun social activities. We believe in personal days and vacations and Balance, and work closely with all of our staff to make sure they stay happy. Oh, and we pay pretty well. We're not Rockafellers over here or anything, but we pay really competitive salaries , at least compared to other PR shops in town (plus we offer medical/dental benefits, FSA & 401k).
As for specifics of what an AE does for us and who that person's clients would be, I can send a job description to interested parties who send fantastic emails

Spread the word.

Monday, September 08, 2008


This was posted last week, but it's just one small reason why I frakking love Battlestar Galactica.

(Other reasons: cute soldier boys, mind-blowing storylines, authentic reactions and relationships, sensational acting, kick-ass battles & action scenes, real emotion, and so much more.)

Monday, September 01, 2008

bullets & updates

Happy Labor Day! Just a couple bullets & updates:
  • I cracked the plasma in my Macbook a while ago, and finally got around to getting it fixed (being without a computer, cracks or no, is darn near impossible for me). The Apple stores, even the "unofficial" ones, wanted a stupid amount of cash to repair it. Like, just a couple hundred more and I could have a whole new computer instead of just a new screen. Ridiculous. But I was prepared to pay it because it had to be fixed, and I took it to the Genius Bar, and you know what they introduced me to?
iResQ--they fixed the exact same thing for HALF THE COST and you don't even have to go anywhere. They send you a box, you send them your broken machine, they send back a fixed machine. Genius. I'm telling all my friends. They also repair iPods.
  • I saw House Bunny. As tired as I am of this whole, "Oh wait guys who aren't total douche trucks (and even some who are) actually LIKE smart girls who choose to be themselves over dim bulbs trying to be sexy?" message, I mean COME ON. The whole storyline is insulting. That said, get over it, and go see it anyway because it's also ridiculously funny. That Anna Faris is a comic genius. She wins the whole movie. And I can't stop saying people's names like I'm possessed now. (See the movie, you'll get it.) I really hope boob punching doesn't become a thing, though.
  • Finally, my sister Matti sent me some fantastic CDs for my birthday, including a Monkey Mix that is brilliant and kicks off with this song, "Did Charlie Make a Monkey out of You?" sung by The Fischers. It is SHOCKING. It's this song, but it's sung by a child and includes an intro with a child pretending to be a snooty, British science professor teaching evolution, and includes a charming refrain of "wackadoo! wackadoo!" that's missing from this version. I don't know how she found this song, and I can appreciate its place on my mix (which is also part of a Darwin project she's working on), but the whole fact that these people are for real just makes me sad for humanity.
  • Actual final note. My parents got to go to Invesco Field to see the last day of the DNC and said it was amazing. I am completely jealous.