Monday, June 20, 2005

Cry as you kiss all your money goodbye

We bought a house!

That's right folks, after several long months of hunting and searching for an affordable, non-grody condo in a non-sketchy area of Los Angeles, we finally gave up. And bought a non-affordable, kind of grody house in North Hollywood instead. We are officially in escrow.

Escrow (noun): A period of time that begins with having your offer accepted and ends with getting keys, and is filled with lots of document signing and faxing, inspections that will make you cry as you kiss all your money goodbye, day dreams about paint colors and new floors, several magazine purchases in the Elle Decor/Home & Garden vein, misguided notions about how you can not only save a dead lawn, but convert it into a lovely, landscaped paradise, and lots and lots (and LOTS) of general anxiety.

We're very excited. The neighborhood is good, the neighbors are a mixed bag of families, young adults and geezers that have lived there since their house was built in the 50's. It needs a lot of work, as it hasn't experienced any changes--other than a gradual nicotine staining on the walls--in about 20 years. The good news, however, is that the things we need to do to get it up to code are not that bad, and the rest can be washed off and covered with a fresh coat of paint.

As for the outside, we really just need some new plants and flowers in the front, and a complete overhaul in the back. You know, little things. But with a little vision, a few hundred trips to Home Depot, some hired help, and more cash than we actually have, I think we can really make this place shine. Behold, the house with some initial paint/gardening plans, courtesy of Microsoft Paint:
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matti said...

I _luv_ the digitally enhanced photo of the house! I could see many of your embellishments in my mind as I watched the slide show on yahoo sumpthin or other. I am teaching Descartes Distance Learning now. We're talking about whether information is ever independent of a mind, or machine, or book or map to represent it. How best to explain that, hey that's what I was thinking, feeling? Don't know. Don't get paid to answer the questions, just ask them.

Congrats on the nerve; I'm sure you made a great decision if only b/c I am sure you actually did the math and made a decision. I can't relate to your math in some ways given that i live in toledo--the land time forgot--and so spend so less on so more house so far away from civilization. but i do know that successful house buying depends on a convergence of good math and gut instinct.

For your backyard, I would visit the LA zoo for ideas. Their garden rocks. Literally. In that there are lots of rocks. I would go for a lunar look first, like Star Trek generic alien planet (cheap! cool! indestructible!). Then add plants around the rocks as time, money and water permit. What a lovely space you will soon have. All the $ will be well spent the first sunday morning you take your coffee and lappy on an away mission--as in away from other people--on your own patio.

Los Angellistair said...

What are those flowers from "Day of the Triffids" or something? On a serious note, okay I'm lying, it would be fun to write a story about the smoking man who lived there before. I seen the pictures and you need to call a freakin' chimmney sweep. I'm talking full on dirty faced urchin here. That guy called bullshit on the Surgeon General. "...may cause cancer? Lies! Lies I say!"