Wednesday, July 06, 2005

lethargic or sad or defiant

Today my computer is feeling slooooooooowww. It's running one program as though it's running 100 and they're all opening 17 MB files at the same time. It's hiccuping on projects, waiting seconds, sometimes minutes to show me a cursor, procrastinating switching from one program to another, protesting all attempts to click and type and move along quickly. It's like it's feeling lethargic or sad or defiant or maybe all three. And for once, I can't yell at it or fault it for behaving this way, if only because

I know just how it feels.

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Jeff said...

That, my dear friend Dinah, sounds like a computer that has some spyware or a virus. If this is a "work" computer I'd get in touch with the IT folks. If this is a "home" computer, give us a call up here in Seattle and I'll try to help troubleshoot. :-)