a little frazzled

I expected to come back from holidays and a vacation in Colorado with a week to catch up on things at work, cruise through a few friends' blogs, and update my own thing. Sadly, I came back to mountains and piles of deadlines and super huge projects and oh my god we need to get this done RIGHT THIS SECOND and I think my spleen's exploding ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *Thump*

In other words, it's been busy.

But in case you're still checking back from time to time, I wanted to give you a little something to look forward to. I kept a list of things I wanted to blog when I got the time so that I wouldn't forget them. Those items include:
*Mix of the Month: December - mAc and I did a Best of 2005 Mix. It's really good.
*Mix of the Month: January - featuring my sister Amy's attempt to inspire me to play my violin more.
*Takeout for Two, or a journey into my head and the craziness that lies therein.
*To Do in 2006: Not quite resolutions but of a "101 in 1001" kind of thing.
*pandora.com, aka my new favorite source of new music.
*Work For Me, Please! A more positive follow-up to my angry tirade against the losers that interviewed for me awhile back.
*Farmers No More--I get together with 10 or so former Farmers from high school (that really was our mascot) at a groovy little holiday shindig and hilarity ensues. If by hilarity, you mean that one of the boys I used to crush on totally forgot who I even was. Awesome. Except overall, it actually kind of was.
*Casa Boneeeeeeeeeeeeeta!

All that and much, much more. Actually, I'm not sure what else is on my list, and that's all I can remember off the top of my head. As it turns out, I left the list of stuff for my blog in my car, where inspiration last struck. I'm a little frazzled. Did I mention I've been busy?

Cross your fingers I meet all my deadlines, and I'll be back soon...


Anonymous said…
I, for one, can't wait for your triumphant return! You are missed! *smooch*
Erika said…
Um, I didn't mean to be anonymous...but did that make you think I was crazy sexy with my air of mystery? *poses*