Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Planning the Oscar Party

Dinah: Our Best Picture nominees are not lending themselves to good themed food. This is the best I've been able to come up with:
Dinah: Brokeback Bacon-Wrapped Dates
Dinah: Capote Cucumber Sandwiches (Amanda's idea. I don't even know if they're in the movie or what)
Dinah: Munich Munchies
Mac: Cool.
Mac: NICE!!!
Dinah: Or, like, brats or something.
Dinah: Little grilled brats with mustard & sauerkraut for dipping?
Dinah: CALLED Munich Munchies?
Dinah: Okay, I'm actually liking that one
Mac: Totally!
Dinah: Um, and.....
Dinah: You'll CRASH if you drink too much Funch and Good Night and Good Luck thinking up any more themed food!
Dinah: See.
Mac: Crash Funch. That's perfect.
Dinah: Really?
Mac: Ooh! Or the Funch could have "Walk The Line" under it!
Mac: I think we could have normal food "Sponsored by;"
Dinah: Well, see. That's just the Best Pictures. Other movies I haven't even played with:
Dinah: Constant Gardner.... something veggie? Maybe I could do a cute veggie basket like my aunt did at my shower.
Dinah: Hustle & Flow. Heh. We should have a keg for that one.
Dinah: Or a chocolate fountain
Dinah: Walk the Line...... Maybe the Funch? Maybe something southern? They didn't eat much besides pills in that movie.
Mac: What's a funny Canadian dish? We could call that North Country.
Mac: I thought the Funch should be Walk the Line.
Mac: Get it? Drunk test?
Dinah: No, I get it.
Dinah: North Country, Pride & Prejudice, Transamerica.
Mac: Carrot cake for Wererabbit?
Mac: Something dead for Corpse Bride?
Mac: Another drink for Goblet of Fire?
Mac: Maybe Funch should be Goblet of Fire
Dinah: Hee. We could serve tea and scones for P&P. With a side of Jake Jelly-hall.
Dinah: The squid and the whale..... nah. Too obvious.
Mac: Calamari?
Dinah: Yeah, but. "The squid and the breading and the marinara sauce. And the whale."
Dinah:Except without the whale. We're not eating whale.
Dinah: now I want calamari.
Dinah: Rachel Weisz it so hard thinking this shit up?
Dinah: Somewhere, Gene Shallot busted his spleen in jealousy.


Jeff Evans said...

we totally know we are having the mexican equivalent oscar party, so we just called it that.

tealmagnolia said...

For North Country you should definitely have a hot dish (preferably wild rice) and/or Jello salad. I have recipes! Mom