Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the sun hates me

Well, the snowboarding trip was cancelled, so I can fret on that dilemma another time. I think I'm throwing a tea party on that day instead.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is something I am AWESOME at. Bring on the tiny sandwiches and cupcakes! Set the prettiest table you've ever seen! Pick just the right background music (60's defiant girl pop) for your guests!

It's funny the things that strike fear into the hearts of some and is easy as pie for others. And vice versa. Incidentally, I actually make really delicious pie--with crust from scratch--and yet I know lots of people who can ride a mountain all day who would barely know what to do with a frozen Sara Lee and tremble at the thought of hosting a party. So there ya go.

Speaking of things I'm good at, I just turned in an outline for a class I'm teaching in a couple weeks on Advanced Powerpoint, and as I turned it in I thought, "Damn. I am so good at this shit." It doesn't happen all that often, and it's nice, you know? Plus, I love teaching. I am so looking forward to this class.

In other news, I am sunBURNED. I hate my sunburn almost as much as the sun hates me, evidently. mAc and I spent all day Sunday waterproofing our new outdoor furniture and getting started on what will become the coolest tiki bar EVER. The day itself was lovely and productive. My back and shoulders are a lovely shade of magenta. And I even brought spf 45 outside with me, but just forgot to put it on until it was too late. Dumb. And also painful.

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Anonymous said...

Spray white vinegar on your sunburn. You'll smell like salad, but it takes the sting right out. - Tracey