Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"What, am I made of NIPPLES?"

My darling friend Amanda told me that she recently learned that this phrase is a favorite of her (brilliant) mother's. One she's been known to utter when people are bugging her, hounding her, needing her in an overwhelming way, perhaps.

I didn't truly feel the impact of its meaning until today.

Today, after over seven hours of nonstop calls, emails, meetings, and people just "popping in" my office, I was finally sitting down to eat a cold (as in, formerly warm) lunch at, oh, 4:30? And suddenly realized that I was starving, I really had to pee, and my voicemail light was blinking insistently. I couldn't figure out what to do first.

Ultimately I ended up shoveling food in my mouth while yet another person just "popped in" my office, then running to the bathroom (still chewing) as soon as she left. I got back, considered the Blinking Light of Doom and was totally about to listen to my messages when the phone rang. After swearing with my mouth full, I picked it up and the voice on the other end goes,

"I'm stalking you HA HA HAAAAA! Did you get my message we need to go over this thing and I have questions for you do you have a sec?"



What, am I made of NIPPLES????

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