Miss Moneypenny

mAc and I had agreed long ago that Captain Awesome should have a sibling. Not only was he quickly turning into a spoiled only child (totally our fault), but we felt bad that he was spending the majority of his days home alone on the couch, save for occasional lunchtime visits from Daddy. When we agreed to dogsit for a friend of ours, and have her pit-mix Lucy come stay with us, we quickly realized how much fun it would be to have a two-dog family. We'd even planned on going to a dog fair tomorrow to see if she was there, waiting for us.

Well, we got this email earlier this week from the woman who fostered Captain and brought him into our lives, Stephanie. Stephanie not only rescues dogs regularly, thereby assuring herself beachfront property in heaven, but she also teaches school, where she has instilled kindness to animals into her students. Imagine her pride when they came to her and told her about this little dog they rescued. This is the story she sent to us.

The kids found the dog outside a grocery store, where she had wandered in, starving, in search of food, and where the store manager had tried to make her leave by throwing hot coffee on her. The quiet pup then followed the kids home and sat with them quietly on the grass outside one of their homes. They washed her up, got a collar on her, and decided to take her to a shelter. She clearly didn't have a home to go to.

They took her to a better shelter than the one in their neighborhood (the one where a dog has maybe 24 hours before going to death row, sadly). The "better" shelter still wasn't good enough. Once she got to there, she was kenneled in one big cement and chain link cell filled with a bunch of other dogs, some nice... some not. That night, she was attacked by a pit bull and had to be rushed to the vet for stitches and staples.

We knew about her before the attack, but on when we heard about it we decided, at the very least, we'd foster her if only to get her out of there as soon as possible.

Yesterday morning she got spayed, which is the rule for rescue dogs, and picked up by Stephanie. mAc went and got her from Steph's last night, and brought her home.

And then we named her. I mean, look at this face:
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She's an angel. Extremely affectionate, especially with the kisses. Likes to sleep on my feet. We think she's about eight months old based on the size and quantity of her teeth. I don't think she's ever lived in anything resembling a house, ever. As such, she doesn't understand a single command (in English, anyway), and doesn't understand why we make the loud noises and swat her on the nose when she pees all over the house. (I've already cleaned up 3 puddles today.) So housetraining will be a challenge, but it's nothing we haven't done before. We'll teach her. She's a very smart girl.

We think she's a Labrador/terrier mix, as her fur is kind of wiry and her legs are a little stumpy. She's all black except for a tuft of white on her chest, four white paws, and the tiniest tip of white at the end of her tail.

Most important, she loooooves her big brother. Much to his chagrin, I'm afraid.
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So that's it. We have our dogs. Captain Awesome, and introducing...
Miss Moneypenny.


MrsGryn said…
Awww!! I love rescue stories. And they make the *best* pets.