Monday, November 06, 2006

it will be GLORIOUS

WELL. Okay. Hi! It's been awhile. Let's see here...

Halloween was fun! We got the house decorated at the last minute and I carved two pumpkins. We went to three parties, I stole my friend Amanda's idea and went as Little Dead Riding Hood and no, you may not see pictures. (Corpse Dinah = not pretty.) My friend Anna came over on Halloween night and we gave out tons of candy while drinking wine, talking about boys and playing the American Idol Scene It game. (Except really, we were just singing karaoke into the toy mic. Did I mention the wine?) Overall: Fun holiday!

Next up: Thanksgiving! I've already bought too much crap. I'm just so excited!! We're going to have a full house this year, dinner for 9 or 10, AND my sister and her husband are coming out from Minnesota. YAY!! We're going to drink some of the delicious wine we've picked up in Napa & Australia, eat copious amounts of turkey and bread and gravy and mashed potatoes, and it will be GLORIOUS.

On a somewhat unrelated note, mAc and I have come to realize that the A-list of people we hang out with in LA, the ones we call most often, the ones who call us most often, the ones most likely to show up at movies & parties? Actually are the A-List: Allistair, Amanda, Alf & Anna. It may look suspiciously like we just can't be bothered to move farther down the address book when making plans. In reality, however, they really are just the coolest people ever. Trust me.

What else can I tell you? Work is kicking my ass, and that is enough on that topic. I'm toying with the idea of ballet classes. I know, what the hell? I'm also thinking about starting running. You can stop laughing aaaaaany minute now.

I guess I will just leave you with one of the prettiest pictures I've ever seen. Our friends Sarah & Ben in Australia got married last month, and they just sent out their photos. The photographers were absolutely fantastic, and this is only one of many fabulous shots they got.
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Aren't they a pretty couple?

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- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

Running eh? Funny you should mention it. I decided to give it a go this summer. Did you run before? I sure as hell didn't. OUCH! We have some triathelete guys at work and here is what they told me was really important: #1 Buy good shoes if you can, go to a running store, they will tell you if your feet turn in or out (pronate?) and help you find shoes that will support you. I did not, however, do this. But I did buy expensive Adidas. We'll see what happens. #2 Do not increase your distance more than 10% each session you burn so many calories running (average 600/hour) because it's really hard on your body. Increasing distance too rapidly can do long-lasting damage to your body. This rule I follow.#3 Drink at least 8 oz of water every 20 minutes easier said than done. Megan's non-professional advice make a running mix on your iPod, buy a really great sports bra, stretch afterward for at least ten minutes, eat bananas. But, let's face it, I suck at running. If it weren't such efficient exercise I'd give it up. Oh well.