Thursday, June 21, 2007

I didn't get it

Well get me a donut, a Star Wars t-shirt 3 sizes too small, and my own comic shop, because I am officially becoming Comic Book Guy over this show. By the time they'd gone through the first 3 couples, I was already shaking my head and muttering: Worst. Decision. Ever.

It's not that I care that I'm wrong. It's that Hok and Jaimie were weak, and Pasha and Jessi were awesome. And yet, the weak are safe and the strong are in danger of leaving. Are the people watching this show idiots? Seriously.

Sabra and Dominic were also safe, which surprised me as much as it made me happy. I mean, I think they're both great dancers, I'm just surprised they inspired people enough to vote.

(At this point you may have realized I'm just recapping the show. Get over it. I have.)

So, Shauna and Jimmy joined Pasha and Jessi in the bottom three, along with the predictable Faina and Cedric. Although, I must say, the more people rip on Cedric, the more I feel bad for him. I mean, they keep pointing out his weaknesses, but forgetting to mention that when he dances his own style, it's not only unique, he's freaking brilliant at it. I mean, I'm not necessarily convinced he's right for this competition either, but I really love to watch him dance.

Shauna's solo: THAT's what a kickass solo should look like. Wow, that was amazing. Also kicking out an amazing solo? Jimmy. Who knew? Jessi's actually sucked, and the judges agreed with me. They also agreed with me about Shauna's solo. Faina just kind of pranced around, and, predictably, she's gone. She also is gracious, yet teary when saying goodbye, and it's very sad. As for the guys, Nigel reeeeeeeeeeeeeally drew out the discussion on the guys, and then shocked everyone by dismissing Jimmy. Which... what? I didn't get it, as much as I'm happy to see Cedric have another chance. And Jimmy's crying as well, and then the show just ended.

Not satisfying. Not satisfying at ALL. I mean, I never expected Jimmy or Faina even remotely close to the top 10, but this all went down really weird for me tonight.

I guess I'm going to have to start (gulp) voting.


Alison said...

G and I were completely floored by all the results last night. I thought for sure that Pashi and his partner (I'm still sucking at names) would be safe. In fact, their dance was one of my favorites of the night. I was all, "WHAT?" when it was announced they were in the bottom three. As much as I like Hok, he and his partner deserved to be in the bottom. The other two sets who were in the bottom made sense to me, but I thought it would be the reverse to go from what it was. I thought it would be the blonde girl who went, because while her solo was good, her partner dancing was never quite right to me. Her partner danced rings around her. So, of course he's the one that went. I thought Faina would be safe one more week and see how she does with someone who can actually partner her, but instead she's gone and her lousy partner stayed. I think the results were just wrong all around.

And I can't believe how much I care!

Alison said...

I feel like there are certain couples (Hok and Jaimie, Lacey and Kameron) who will not be in the bottom three no matter how badly they perform, due to the popularity of one of the two members. I was surprised to see Pasha and Jessi in the bottom three last night, and I assume they were safe despite uninspired solos since the judges didn't think they should have been there. I'm glad Faina's finally gone - I didn't want her in the top 20 in the first place, and think she should have been gone last week. I'm glad we'll get some partner switching now!

kicks said...

Dude, please come talk to me over at Reality Check! No one reading cares about the show, and I lurve it!!!


Sorry to pimp the work blog, but I could use some conversation about this! Everyone else thinks I am crazy!