Friday, July 20, 2007

On to the results

Tonight! Tonight I am a little drunk and extremely tired, and have just come home from an event for Our Very Own, and, oh my god, I met Allison Janney! She's SO my favorite. I love her. Love love love and she was lovely and gracious and fabulous.

On to the results from my favorite summer obsession.

Anya & Danny in the bottom three. Not what I would have hoped for or predicted, but not super suprising.

Jaime & Hok in the bottom three. What I predicted, but not what I hoped for at all.

Lauren & Neil in the bottom three. As, quite frankly, it should be.

And, by the way? I told you, America has a mania for the Schwimmers, which is why Kameron is still safe.

In preparing for the solos, I'm preparing for Anya and Hok to go. The two I loved in the beginning, the guy I wanted in the top ten, and the woman I thought could win it all. NOW what.

Well, Anya's solo sucked, as usual. Hok's solo was brilliant, as usual. I'm really, really hoping it's Lauren & Neil, or Anya & Neil.

Of the girls, Anya is going home. Not at all what I predicted, for this evening or for the the competition as a whole, but still not terribly surprising.

Of the guys, Hok is going. Exactly what I predicted, but so, so disappointing. I know, this competition can't be won on personality alone. But if strength of character could have won this competition, Hok could have worked out a win. I love him, and I'm so sorry to see him go. It really, really, really should have been Kameron or Neil here. Seriously.

Overall, it's a week late, but my predictions for those leaving have come true. It's kind of a bummer, actually. At least I got to meet Allison Janney tonight.

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