Friday, January 11, 2008

pretty sweet

For those of you wondering, "Hey Dinah, whatever happened with all those embroidery projects you were doing?" (and I know this has been weighing heavily on your mind), never fear! Here's what I've been up to.

First, I OD'd on baby stuff. So many babies, so little time. And onesies and bibs are surprisingly hard to work with, and my hands got tired. I didn't get pictures of everything (I did a robot on a bib for our new nephew Rusty that I foolishly gifted before documenting). But here are some of the highlights.
More bibs, more cowbell!
For my friend Jer's son Mason. The More Cowbell! bib was a big hit.

Tattooed onesies
I love these tattoo patterns and I'm super pleased with how these came out.

I also did a big tote bag project for Christmas, as a way of encouraging the use of re-usable bags for shopping, and giving my family members something thoughtful and handmade. Again, I didn't get pictures of everything (my brother got a bag with a super-cute Flying V guitar on it), but I'm pleased with how these came out. I've started filling in the designs a lot more than I used to, and the results are looking pretty sweet.
Monkey close-up
For my sister-in-law Sarah. Such a cute monkey pattern.

Rocket Girl close-up
For my sister Matti, the prof at UT, home of the Rockets. One of my favorite things I've ever stitched.

Gun tote
The six shooters I did for my sister Amy came out rather awesome.

For my aunt, just out of the hoop
For my Aunt Teedle. The P was drawn freehand. I like knowing I can bust out more traditional patterns, if need be.

The rest of my recent work can be found here. All patterns are from Sublime Stitching, unless otherwise noted.


Alison said...

Nice work! For what it's worth, I always think of you when I think of the Silver Surfer now. ;) I'm particularly impressed with your skill at the stem stitch (or whatever it's called) that you used for the rocket girl. Mine never came out that well. The tote bag gifts are a great idea. I've been thinking of screenprinting some if today's screenprinting exercise works out ok.

-aka'd as biondetta

Dinah said...

I'll tell you what, as soon as my mom demonstrated how she does her stem stitch, my work has improved a gazillion percent. Go mom!

Jen said...

You rock!! This looks fun but unfortunately, I am only allowing myself one crafty obsession at a time. The pistols were my fav.