Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted


I picked a Democratic candidate that I'd like to see on the ticket in November. I picked one I'd love to see as President. I picked one that I really think will change the course of the US for the better, and motivate its citizens to participate more in their democracy. I picked the one that inspired my patriotism, after years of it laying dormant and abused by our current administration.

I don't know if it matters that I say which candidate I voted for. I think the main thing is, I Voted.

Now get out there, vote, and be heard.


Anonymous said...

Ah, to be in California and just have to vote for a sense of civic duty. Up here in WA state we get to Caucus, then vote, and caucus again if you happen to have enough time and are persuasive enough. Voting alone is about 1/8 the total primary picture. If you had to give up a whole Sunday for your candidate would you have done it? How about 2? ;-)

Dinah said...

Hell yeah. I'd do it twice, three times, whatever it takes in WA. Especially since I'm officially supporting Obama, it seems like he'd need all the help he can get in lily-white Washington. :)

Anonymous said...

I caucused as well - for the HIll-Dog! Waited in a line stretching out the door and down the block. Minnesota rules leave 1.5 hours, from 6:30-8, in which to cast your "ballot." That the ballot was a slip of paper in a shoe box forces me to trust in the honesty and integrity of the local democrats. Which I guess I do! It was heartening to see crowds of democrats in one place showing support for two excellent candidates!
BTW, I guessed you were an Obamabot! ;-)

Anonymous said...

BTW - no insult intended with the obamabot reference. I thought it was cute but when I googled it I realized that people were using that word in a really mean way. a

Anonymous said...

I was going to say... Anyway our caucus went 4 to 1 for Obama. The caucus was huge. 75 people showed up! (That's just my neighbors folks! in about a 2 block by 3 block stretch!)