Sunday, February 17, 2008


Today, instead of cleaning my house in preparation for weekend guests from Seattle and the Best Oscar Party not hosted by Vanity Fair or the Kodak Theatre, I am scanning in pictures from college. After handling these old photos for about an hour, I realized that my hands smell kind of sweet, and floral. And then it hit me: Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers perfume.

Photos can remind you of your past; smells can really take you there.

I wonder if my diary from jr. high still smells like Love's Baby Soft?


- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

Holy crap, I'd totally forgotten about Sunflowers. I wore that for years. Of course it didn't smell at all like sunflowers, did it?

That perfume was such a big deal to me because all the other girls wore, like, cheap-o stuff like Malibu Musk. I had to save my allowance to buy it at NoRdStoM ooooo. Then I graduated to Happy as did many others. Now I'm kind of searching.

Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

dre said...

omg! junior year of high school. 1995. my sophomore boyfriend loved it so much he spent a wad of cash and splurged on the entire bath and body giftset of sunflowers for my birthday! and um, i absolutely wore the entire fragrance line put out by love's prior to that!