Thursday, May 08, 2008

the couch potato I'm trying to leave behind

If I'm being honest, I'm not all "Yay go me! I'm training for a triathlon! I CAN DO IT GO ME!" all the time. Or even half the time. I try to be positive as much as possible, but.

But then there are the other days. Like, yesterday when I realized that I hadn't trained in a week, and it wasn't just because the last 7 days were, like, Supah-Crazy-Towne-ExPRESS. I mean, I could have woken up earlier & squeezed it in.

I just didn't want to.

Because on these other days, I feel self-indulgent and give myself all kinds of breaks because, like, "my schedule is hectic and I deserve breaks!" Or I just feel more like the couch potato I'm trying to leave behind than the tri-athlete I'm trying to become. On these other days, I'll put my workout clothes on, enjoy their spandexy comfort, and never actually go to the gym and stay home and get caught up on How I Met Your Mother while eating pasta instead.

And, then, there are days like today. The day AFTER my little pity party, the day AFTER the week of no training, whatsoever, when the panic sets in. I become a deer in headlights in the face of, OH CRAP THIS SHIT IS A MONTH AWAY I'M NOT TRAINED ENOUGH HOW ON EARTH WILL I DOOOOOOO THIS?!?!?!?

Yesterday, I dealt with my panic by eating ice cream. Today, I'm getting back on the treadmill.

Because if I'm really being honest, this whole endeavor has way less to do with me getting fit and healthy than it does with me conquering a lifetime of giving in to the lazy, self-indulgent attitude that got me into this shape in the first place.

And, y'all, THAT is WAY harder than swimming.


Tracy said...

Truly every single person I know, including me, has had the week, the month where they could not pull it together. Hell, I took almost a whole year off in 2004. But you're already back at it. It's a choice every day, and some days, it's the right thing to take a break. Some days your body needs it. Getting back up is everything in the lifelong quest for a healthier you. You're a marvel, and you will complete this tri. Then you'll want to do it again. And the pattern will set. But you'll still take a week off now and again, and it will be okay, just like this past week is okay.

Dinah said...

Thanks, doll! If only my body would bounce back as quickly as my attitude. I tried to do my jog as fast as I used to, and my legs were like, No, Girl. So I slowed down to prevent injury, but DAMN.

Anonymous said...

You will get to a place where taking a week off doesn't have any significant impact on how far or fast you can run. It takes some time to reach that point, but when you get there, you will enjoy that level of fitness.