Tuesday, July 08, 2008

23 mosquito bites

What I did on my Summer Vacation in Minnesota:

Saw the biggest dragonfly ever.

Watched & blogged SYTYCD with my sister which was SO FUN. I wish I could have transcribed us watching it a little more accurately.

Enjoyed two shows at First Avenue and the Triple Rock Social Club, thanks to the connections and generosity of my brother-in-law Chip and his rock star friends.

Went for a jog down Summit Avenue. (No, seriously.)

Read Posh Spice's "That Extra Half an Inch" and learned that Brits refer to tank tops as vests, and Posh not only wears acrylic nails on her toes, but she has most likely gotten poo under her fingernails at least once from changing her sons' nappies. All of this, unsurprisingly, just makes me like her that much more.

Discovered Room and Board, and picked out this bedroom set to replace the crappy furniture currently living in our bedroom (eventually).

Sang the Star Spangled Banner with my sister while watching fireworks explode over Gold Medal Park. It was really pretty. Both the fireworks and the singing.
Fireworks on the riverFireworks on the river
Fireworks on the riverFireworks on the river

Bought Mac his first Nut Goodie, purchased at Fleet Farms.

Went to the Walker and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden where we finally saw the (in)famous "Spoonbridge and Cherry," the bizarre-yet-striking Oldenburg sculpture that was installed in 1988, and has come to dominate pictures of the Twin Cities.
Spoonbridge and Cherry

Ate the most delicious ribs I've ever tasted, oh my god. Thanks Chip!

Met up with an old friend from high school, and the guy who was kind enough to go with me to my senior prom (he'd already graduated, bless him).
Prom dates, 15 years later

Got about 23 mosquito bites.

Checked out the St. Croix River in Wisconsin.
St. Croix River

Cuddled a blue tick hound puppy with a taste for flip flops.

Met a hospitable and generous business man with a passion for art and architecture.
Stained glass at Tall Oaks

And so much more. We had such a wonderful time with my sister and her husband. Not to get all mushy and cheesy, but it's a real blessing in my life to have a sister who is also a best friend. I know that it doesn't always happen that way with families, and once again, I find that I feel very lucky and very grateful.


coolhntr said...

your dress is dyn-o-mite!

- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

Oye. 23 mosquito bites!

iBrett said...

Sounds like a good time, save the mosquito bites.