Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So there I was

Okay, here's what happened.

On Monday, I worked at a red carpet DVD launch event for Step Up 2. Yes, worked. I was checking in talent, wrangling them in & out of a stretch Escalade (...I know), and getting them interviews on the red carpet. It was chaotic and exhausting and fun.

So there I was, at the end of the carpet, my crew of dancers had finally done their last interview. There was Mia, just hanging out on her own, waiting for her friend Brian to finish an interview or something. So I just introduced myself and said hi. I told her I was a huge fan of the show and her choreography, and that I appreciated her thoughtful critiques. She smiled a genuine smile and thanked me, and was completely gracious and fabulous and awesome.

Later at the party, after watching some AMAZING dance battles, enjoying a couple cocktails and a shaking a little booty (I shared the dance floor with Season 3's Hok & Dominic), I saw her and Brian again, talking to my friend Chris, the magnificent orchestrator of this entire event. I asked Chris if it would be totally lame if I asked for a picture with Mia & Brian, since I forgot earlier, and he said no problem, and. Ta Da!

Now I just have to meet Cat & Tyce, and pink drinks here we come! (Brian can come too, of course. He seems absolutely charming.)

And there you have it. Sometimes my job is made up of scheduling conflicts, huge projects with tight deadlines, yucky accounting & tax stuff, and all kinds of other stress. And sometimes my job is the most fabulous thing ever.

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