Thursday, August 07, 2008


You should know that I started tearing up, yelling, and squealing with glee pretty much at the start of the So You Think You Can Dance finale, and never quite stopped.

Cat did NOT wear a brown train wreck to the finale this year, and instead decided to go with an old stand-by look for her: A MILLION BUCKS. Damn, girl.

Hi Top 20! Hi hi hi! Oh, I missed (some of) you! It's so much fun to see you all together again! And a Shane Sparks routine to boot. Hurray!! And, I mean, did you SEE the thing with Gev, like, wiggling his way under all 10 girls? Holy buckets of awesome Batman!

Nigel's favorite - Bollywood: Well of course he's going to pick this, with his whole, "Oh my show is SO AWESOME and international, didn't you know?" But, whatever, y'all know I can't get enough of these two, and it's a fun routine.

Mary's favorite - Rhumba: Ah, yes. The butt-grabbing dance, I remember it well. That Courtney & Gev are just as sweet & sexy together as ever.

Plus, I mean, you KNOW there's nothing I love better than a dance-off--it's kind of why I love this show so hard. So you know how much I loved the popping battle, right? SO MUCH. Personally, though, I'm with Mia (shocker)--I thought Phillip was better. And, um, if I could get some kind of audio bite of L'il C saying, "That was Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" that I can play whenever I, like, finish a proposal or report or something, that would be fantastic, thanks.

Adam's favorite - Hip Hop: I loved this one too! Comfort and Twitch should always dance hip hop together, they're way too much fun to watch. That said, I love how Adam gave a big shout out to Step Up 2's John Chu and Adam Sevani (holla!!), and he's doing A 3-D DANCE MOVE STEP UP 3-D WHO'S GOING WITH ME OPENING WEEKEND. Comment here to sign up. We'll dress in head-to-toe Capezio and bedazzle our 3-D glasses and have ever so much fun. (And, yes, probably have cocktails before hand. I know there won't be a plot.)

And YEAH AC/DC totally kicked M&M's dance bootay all over the YouTubes, y'all.

L'il C's favorite - Hip Hop: "It's so hard to choose," he says. Uh, how about picking the two dancers already on stage in costume, and have them do the number they're prepared to do? I kid, I kid! This was the one that sold me on Chelsie & Mark forever, and she just goes and breaks my heart all over again here. It's still so, so good.

OH MY GOD Y'ALL MARY MURPHY'S DANCING! SHE'S DANCING WITH DMITRY AND SHE'S SO AWESOME AND ADORABLE I CAN'T STAND IT! Eeeee! She's having so much fun and she's so fantastic and adorable and I can't deal. This might be the most delightful thing this show has ever done to me. Mary, all over Dmitry, shaking her fringe, flashing that gigawatt smile (it's so much less scary and more fabulous when she's dancing, isn't it?) I might cry, this is so fabulous. Mary, this is for you: WOOOOOOO!

Like I warned you at the top, this recap will be a bunch of crying and yelling. I have to give you an idea of what's going on in my living room, don't I?

Mia's favorite - Pas de Deux: With Katee & Will. Not at all surprisingly, she picked the two most proficient dancers doing the most beautiful, difficult routine. This was one of my top season favorites as well, though. So beautiful, and such a treat to see it again. AND THEY NAIL IT! THEY NAILED THE LIFT THEY MISSED THE FIRST TIME!! Oh, they can't even contain their smiles, they know they nailed it. And everyone is standing up, and Debbie's there for him, oh, I'm choked up again.

You guys!

Adam's favorite - Jazz: Courtney & Mark's funky Sonja routine. It's so weird to watch after the exquisite pas de deux, but it's still fun. This number has really grown on me as well, in repeat viewings. I can appreciate the technique, I think, a little more than I did the first time around too.

3rd runner up: Courtney. No surprise here. I love her, but I think 4th place in this tough competition is an amazing achievement for her. (Those flowers are bigger than she is, dude!) Bless her sweet little heart. Well done, adorable girl.

Five guys named Moe: With the top 5 guys. I loved it the first time, I like it again. These guys are completely adorable and awesome.

We now pause this program to have some creepy Donnie Darko rabbits do a plug for Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. Then again, Cirque + Criss Angel? I think Wade Robson has found the perfect home for his weird, darkly awesome choreography.

2nd runner up: Katee. Oh, honey. I wanted you to get 2nd place, at least. You have been such a sensational joy to watch all season. And $50,000WHAT! That's awesome! Oh, look, she can't even deal! Yay I'm so happy they've done this, what a phenomenal surprise!!! Yay Katee!!!

Oh, and this means I might be right about the "Want it to be Joshua, but it will probably be Twitch" theory. Oh, dear.

That Debbie Allen is just expressing so much of what I love about this show just exquisitly and perfectly. I love her. Even if she is plugging the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Because lookit! Cute young tappers! Loves it!! They're sensational!! AND NOW NIGEL'S DANCING! NIGEL'S HOOFIN' Y'ALL! Oh, this is so fantastic. and getting all shown up by the young kid, and doing the call-outs. It's so much fun dancing on one stage, I just continue to be awed and delighted.

Debbie: "Everyone on this panel should be required to dance." YYYYYESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Mary's favorite - Contemporary: Oh, the door dance. With Katee & Twitch. I liked this, but I still think this number is all about drama, props, Katee being a badass, and Twitch doing a whole lotta standing. I don't get what all the rest of the fuss is about. Emmy for Mia? Sure, love her, she deserves 'em. For this? Eh.

The Jonas Brothers: Fast-forward. Wow, they are really awful, aren't they?

Debbie's favorite - waltz: Oh, the "Touched by an Angel" piece Jean Marc choreographed for his daughter, with Twitchington. I had a feeling we'd be seeing this again. And it's just as lovely as ever. Tears pricking my eyes again. SIGH.

MY favorite: Debbie Allen taking the piss out of L'il C. How are you making me love y'all EVEN MORE? I can't take it.

Nigel's favorite - Hip Hop: "No Air." YES. Yes, I loved this routine. This was from the first Top 20 show. I remember, I fell in love with these two as a couple with this first number, and they kept making me love them over and over again with every subsequent number.

Oh, I so very much want to Josh to win, this is going to break my heart isn't it??

Hi past season people! Look how cute y'all are! Allison, so grown up! Donyelle, as sweet and fab as ever. Hi Travis! Hi Benji! Hi everyone! (WHERE'S SABRA?? Hmm.) But hi hi hi!

And they're going to dance for us! To "Please Don't Stop the Music," a song I bought from iTunes when I first saw them do a dance at the Idol Gives Back thingy. I had to watch that on on YouTube, so yay! Fresh routine in high def on my big-ass TV! Look how much better they've gotten, too! And now they're dancing with the Top 20! Fun fun!

Oh, my heart. I love this show so much. I know, I've said it a gazillion times already, I just. I do! I love it so much!!!

And JOSHUA WINS!!! JOSHUA WINS!!! JOSHUA WINS!!! JOSHUA WINS!!! JOSHUA WINS!!! YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I can't believe it! I'm so stinking happy! Katee got $50k and Joshua won it's the best possible result Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


THANK YOU so much to everyone who's been reading my SYTYCD blogs this past season! I can't hardly believe how many of y'all are reading these recaps, and I appreciate all your thoughtful comments and everything. Thank you and goodnight!


Alison said...

I've been reading your recaps all season and loving them, despite the fact that I haven't seen any of the episodes this year. I do miss the show, because I totally understood all the squeeing and crying and cheering in this recap, because I remember having the same feelings in past years. I teared up just reading this one!

Erika said...

Hee! It sounds like you watched the show like I did, with much squee!ing and clapping (although I'm all by myself when I'm doing it. Heh.) I'd TOTALLY go with you to Step Up 3D. Actually, I'd love to just watch an episode of this show with you...we'd dance and cry and yell all over the place. I was very sad, I must say, to not see Danny or Sabra in the "Best of..." But dude, how much did Anya OWN that part? I couldn't keep my eyes off her. YAY! I'll miss your blog, but can't wait until next year! Whee!

Anonymous said...

So I come downstairs at 9:45, confident that my TiVo has been doing its job for the past 1.25 hours, only to find that the stupid *!@$# cable box has crapped out and the last half hour has been audio only, no picture.

I immediately changed the channel, then changed it back (that's how you fix this particular problem with our stupid cable service), so I did get to see Josh win. But everything in the previous 30 minutes, I missed. I am so mad! I need to figure out where I can find it and watch it.

Nicole said...

YES YES YES!!! SOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!! I was jumping up and down and freaking out all over the place. I have a few friends over and we were losing it. Mary, YES. Nigel, YES. Josh, YES YES.

Anonymous said...

So my TiVo suddenly made an executive decision somewhere in July to record only Thursdays. ARGH. And then, magically, it recorded the last 2 shows. WOOO! So I got to watch some of the numbers I missed, and I agree with you about the door routine. I liked the Twitchington bed routine much better - it made me cry.

I was hoping Twitch would win only because I don't want him to go to the Navy, but I think his dance career is solid enough now that he'll stick around the home soil. I love this show, and it's all your fault! MWAH!