Thursday, July 02, 2009

I was surprised only once

It's been a long short week, y'all, and I really just wanted to sit with a glass of wine and watch the results without my laptop, so you must forgive me for not recapping the whole thing. However, it just finished, and here are my thoughts.

Last night, I think they gave several people the opportunity to shine in their own style. Janette got a cha cha which, while different from her salsa background, is still a Latin, partnered dance. Melissa got a pas de deux that she was able to do on point. Evan got a Broadway routine. Caitlin & Jason got a jazz/contemporary routine. Phillip got hip hop. It's extremely hard to believe that ALL of that was drawn out of a hat, and I think the producers of the show have a bit of an integrity problem at this point. We can get into more detail as to why I think that is a bit later, but it's a problem for the success of the show, because if people don't trust you, they don't like you, ergo they won't watch you. Tread carefully, Nigel.

But what was more interesting to me, is that despite some dancers being handed their own style, they still didn't deliver as well as I expected them to. So there's that, going into it.

The way they grouped the couples was interesting to me tonight, because every time there was a couple I thought should go standing next to a couple I thought was more likely to go, and I was surprised only once.

They stood up Karla & Vitolio with Randi & Evan, and although based on last night's performances I thought Randi & Evan should be in the Bottom Three, it turned out to be Karla & Vitolio. Disappointing and not what I predicted, but not surprising.

They stood up Kayla & Kupono with Melissa & Ade and Brandon & Janette. I knew for sure Brandon & Janette were safe, and I was right, but there was a question as to whether voters would support classical ballet, or if Kayla & Kupono's weird-but-beautifully-danced Sonya routine would be memorable enough for people. And Kayla & Kupono turned out to be the one couple I got right in my predictions, and landed in the Bottom Three.

Next up they stood up Caitlin & Jason with Jeanine & Phillip. Frankly, I thought Nappytabs routine was a lot of the same ol' same ol' (but with a gimmick/chain), and the dancers' performance lacked a little luster. I also didn't think Caitlin & Jason danced through their weird alien routine well enough. I did assume I was the only one who disagreed with the judges' over-the-top compliments of Jeanine & Phillip, however, and it turned out I was wrong. Caitlin & Jason got the votes, and Jeanine & Phillip landed in the Bottom Three for the first time.

I thought Kayla & Kupono's solos were weak and the rest were fabulous. But I also think they did an amazing job last night, and Kayla's one of the best dancers on the show. So I'm not super shocked when the judges decided to send home Karla & Vitolio. But I found that I did get a little teared up. I was just starting to really like those two.

I also take all of this way too seriously. (What is this "life" you speak of, and how do I get one? Is it different from "work your ass off until you're too exhausted to do anything but cook, eat, and watch TV"?)

Finally, I thought Kelly Clarkson was rad, and Cat's dress made her look even skinnier than she actually is, which is kind of ridiculous. And also, Mac and I both agree that, skinny or not, Cat Deeley's charm, grace and wit on this show makes her Win at everything else, and we still love her.

Only one more couple is eliminated before we get our Top 10. Who do you think it will be??

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