Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's not voyeurism, it's Art

Last Sunday night I went to an event for Found Magazine, a publication that collects found notes, photos and other random items and publishes them. It was a cool event and between mAc, Amanda and me we walked out with the coffee table book, a CD from the founder's brother's band and a t-shirt that says, "The Booty Don't Stop." (Long story.) I could wax philosophical about why looking at found notes and letters meant for someone else is so compelling, but the truth is it's just one notch up from watching reality television, really. And, as Amanda whispered to me during one of the readings, "We like voyeurism because it makes us feel better about our lives." So simple, so true.

In other news, I saw Closer this week. Good movie, very interesting. And Clive Owen? Totally rocked that part. Earned himself a big fat Oscar nod he did, mark my puffy words.


dothatgirl said...

I found a letter on the street in front of my house. As I read it, it became clear that the woman was recommending scenes for review in her porn movies. Some were 'cute' and 'hilarious' and others got 'out of hand.' I remember the shower scene was highly recommended. It sounded like she was looking for some more work from whomever was supposed to get the letter. It was a very odd thing to find in the snow!

Dinah said...

Do you still have it? Send it in to Found Magazine!