Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bite me, Hotmail.

Let me paint you a little picture.

Today, I was trying to send an email to my mom and sister to let them know that the invites for my shower have dropped, and to ask them to double-check the guest list to make sure no one is missing. I composed the email in Hotmail and, because it's been acting up so much lately, I copied the body of the message just in case it doesn't send properly.

Clicked send. Got an error message.

Went back. Pasted copied message into the body of the email again, clicked Send.

Error message.

So I tried something new--instead of replying to an email from Amy & Mom, I thought, I'll compose an all-new message to them. (Because that'll trick that bastard Hotmail!) I pasted message into body of the new email and clicked Send.

The page didn't even load.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Once more, just in case.

At this point, I'd spent about 15 minutes trying to send a quick email to my family, and I was pissed. So I went to the Hotmail contact/help section, and found a form I could fill out and send to their customer service online. I'd rather call and have a person explain this bullshit to me, but fine. Whatever. I filled out their little form, providing a detailed description of how this extremely basic email function is failing repeatedly. I edited it for clarity and added some colorful language for punch.

I forgot to copy it.

You know what happened next, don't you?

I clicked on the Submit button, and guess what? If you guessed, "The page failed to load and/or gave you an error message, at which point Dinah started laughing/crying hysterically," then gold star for YOU. You win.

I lose. Hotmail sucks. Bite me, you stupid non-email-sending bastards.

In other news, I've been supah swizzamped lately, but I do have stories for you. Here's a taste: TV rocks and people who say otherwise just so they can sound smarter are lame; I met Paul Rudd and asked him for a piggyback ride (he declined, but was extremely nice); I met Adam Scott (recently of The Aviator and Veronica Mars) who asked a couple times what my blog is called, but is most certainly not reading it even though I totally hope he is; this year's Oscars were lame and anti-climactic--what's up with that? I blame the lack of Funch (explanation to come); Hotmail sucks rocks.

Oh, wait. I covered that last one. Stoopid Hotmail.

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Mike said...

1 word.. or maybe two. G-mail.