Thursday, March 17, 2005

March 17, 1997

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Aka "The Funnest St. Patrick's Day Ever."

When I was a senior in college, I worked at a brewpub called The Smiling Moose. In addition to our goofy name, we were known for brewing a delicious variety of beers, an amazing chicken focaccia sandwich, and the world's most addictive shoestring french fries.

We were also known for the parties we'd throw on Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.

I only worked there for a year, so I only got to do St. Pat's once, but I knew that the bar & restaurant went all out, and so did the staff. Bartenders and wait staff were incentivized with contests for Best St. Patty's Spirit, most green jello shots sold, etc. (They should have had one for "highest percentage of tips/cash retained after getting drunk on shots in the kitchen while still waiting tables.")

I was determined to win those contests. As it was I came in 2nd on green jello shots and 1st for "Best Spirit," which I accomplished by wearing bright green shorts (the fact that they were practically hot pants probably didn't hurt) with a green vest over a white shirt, all forms of green/St. Pat's jewelry, at least one "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button, and a briliantly decorated green hat, complete with two long green braids poking out either side. (Come to think of it, there may have been a Best Hat contest, which I may have also won.) On top of all this, I drank all night while I was working (a thing you can only really pull off at age 21), made friends with everyone in my section and, despite having only 5 tables in my section, walked out with some seriously fierce tips. I also managed to get in 99% of photos taken that night, and if the Moose hadn't closed down and boarded itself up a couple years ago, you could have gone to Greeley, CO and seen them.

I think in the end my prizes totalled about $20 in gift certificates for The Smiling Moose, which I promptly spent on, you guessed it, beer, chicken focaccia sandwiches, and heaping piles of shoestring french fries.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!

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