Friday, March 18, 2005

Mix of the Month: March

This month's mix is late but, I assure you, well worth the wait. As I mentioned earlier, I was Showered last weekend. I received an amazing amount of slinky theengs, not to mention a Cuisinart Griddler (robble robble) that got mAc to cook me a steak this week. A steak, people.

As if all of this wasn't enough, my sister Amy also went to all of the women on the shower guest list and asked them for some suggestions for a mix she was putting together for mAc and me. Specifically, their favorite make-out music. Rawr.

The result is below. There's a lot of information, so I'll show you how the system works:
Song/Artist (Album) "liner notes" ~Contributor [My commentary]

Music for mAckin'

  1. I've Got the World On a String/Frank Sinatra (Classic Sinatra - His Great Performances, 1953-1960) “What a world, what a life - Dinah and mAc in LOVE!!!!”~ Erica
  2. Twilight Time/The Platters (All-Time Greatest Hits) "One for the Aged" ~Carolyn
  3. Love Potion #9/Herb Alpert (Greatest Hits) ~Amy
  4. The Way You Look Tonight/Ella Fitzgerald (Jazz 'round Midnight Again: Ella Fitzgerald) “We love you and pray God's absolute best for you and Mac!" ~Elizabeth
  5. You're The First, The Last, My Everything/Barry White (All Time Greatest Hits) ~Kristin M.
  6. Please Baby/Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) “This is a very persuasive one” ~Amy
  7. These Arms of Mine/Otis Redding (Love Songs) “Makes me want to crawl into the speakers and nestle right into that man's arms. Kinda nutty, but true. The rock-steady piano, the tension-building guitar, the desperate vocal yearning, this is one of the greatest slow jams ever. I defy anyone to listen to it and not want some kinda hug.” ~Matti [There are few things I enjoy reading more than my sister Matti's liner notes. They're thoughtful, passionate, honest and occassionally flat-out brilliant. In addition to introducing me to The Ramones and many others at a tender, single-digit age, Matti is the one who converted me from "music fan" to "true believer." If you're good, I may someday tell you how.]
  8. You Can Leave Your Hat On/Joe Cocker (The Best of Joe Cocker) “my personal favorite” ~Gretchen Vogel
  9. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Roberta Flack (Softly With These Songs - The Best of Roberta Flack) “Love, Mom” [Mom gets all kinds of sappy with this song, it's really cute. Also, Amy shared a little song-organizing secret here: first, she lined up the seduction. Then the strip-tease. Then, here it is the first time! Followed by...]
  10. At Last/Etta James (Etta James: Love Songs) ~Elizabeth [At last! Hee! Also, when we were listening to this during the shower, my old friend Audrey reminded me that I told her, in high school, that I would dance to this song at my wedding. There is an excellent chance that prophecy will come true.]
  11. Our Love Affair/Michael Feinstein (The M.G.M. Album) “I like the words – from the movie An Affair to Remember” ~Teedle [As in, "Aunt Teedle." Like you don't have an "Uncle Doody" or a grandparent you call "Paw Paw" or something.]
  12. Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time/The Delfonics (Jackie Brown Soundtrack) ~Amy [Another look into the mind that organized this mix--this is intended to be a, um, post-nookie song. You probably guessed that. I'll shut up now.]
  13. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)/Stevie Wonder (High Fidelity) ~Amy
  14. Lady/Kenny Rogers (42 Ultimate Hits) “Trust me to like something about knights in shining armor!" ~Ellen [Because Ellen, like many girls, was raised to believe that a man would come and rescue her and marry her and make her life complete. In my family, we were raised on The Practical Princess, in which the girl helps herself, helps the guy while she's at it, and feels pretty good about her life whether she's single or not. I'm not ripping on my cousin or her parents, I'm just saying...Thanks Mom & Dad.]

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Lip smAckin' Mix

  1. All I Want Is You/U2 (Rattle and Hum) “by my boys U2. she'll know who that one is from. ;-)” ~Anna
  2. Save a Prayer/Duran Duran (Rio) ~Amanda
  3. Heaven The/Golden Palominos (Pure) “the sexiest song ever made. Ever” ~Amanda
  4. Reel Around the Fountain/The Smiths (The Smiths) ~Amanda
  5. Fly On the Windscreen/Depeche Mode (Catching Up With Depeche Mode) "It's basically about how we could die at any minute so we'd better get busy right now” ~Audrey [Sing it, sister.]
  6. Open Arms/Journey (Journey: Greatest Hits) ~Karen [The fact that mAc's cousin's wife put this on here means that I can't help but picture that preppy, church-going, conservative cousin ...makin' out with his equally preppy/conservative wife to Journey. And while it's a little disturbing? It's also totally fantastic.]
  7. All Kinds of Time/Fountains of Wayne (Welcome Interstate Managers) “But wait, you say, isn't that song about football? Indeed it is. But the dreamy guitars, the soaring vocals, the slow dance groove--this song gives me goosebumps every time despite its inevitable overexposure by the NFL. So, yes, it's about football, but it's also sweet, romantic, and totally apropos ('cause when a groom's getting busy with his 'bride to be' she likes it when he's got 'all kinds of time' ;-))." ~Matti
  8. Someday/Sugar Ray (14:59) “This unusual pop song is not about teen infatuation, desperate crushes, or unrequited desire. Instead, it's an homage to love over the long haul: 'Someday, when my life has passed me by, I'll lay around and wonder why you were always there for me...' A two-part harmony reminder that we're all gonna die celebrating the mysterious fabulousness of faithful devotion--what more could a girl want to get her motor running?” ~Matti [See what I mean? She makes Sugar Ray sound Deep.]
  9. Sugar Water/Cibo Matto (Viva! La Woman) “Everyone’s favorite sexy dance song” ~Amy
  10. Mambo Sun/T. Rex (Electric Warrior) ~Matti
  11. Dirty Mind/Prince (Dirty Mind) ~Matti
  12. Eyes Of A Stranger/Payola (Valley Girl (Music from the Soundtrack)) “'cause, you know, it's the love song from Valley Girl.” ~Amanda
  13. Right back inside my heart/Angelo Badalamenti/Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks Soundtrack) ~Amy
  14. Let's Get It On (Radio)/Marvin Gaye (Let's Get It On (The MPG Groove Mix) – EP) “ALL TIME FAVORITE makeout song” Kristin M and Gretchen

To all the ladies who contributed, thank you so much. This is a truly wonderful gift. Don't be surprised when you see some of these same songs on our favors on May 15. As for those of you who couldn't get song suggestions in on time, fret not. I'm gunning for a third CD. (Submit your title suggestions under Comments.)

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