Sunday, March 20, 2005


Everyone has their own personal pet peeves when it comes to TV & film. Stereotypes, bad accents, bad fashion, bad hair. For me? Bad fake violin playing.
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You'd think you wouldn't run into this all that often, but you'd be wrong. And yes, it's nitpicky at the same level of calling a classical radio station to bug the receptionist because some announcer in the 11:00 hour pronounced Tchaikovsky in a way with which you happen to disagree. I don't care, and I've been the receptionist on that call. It bugs.

Even if you don't know much about violin, you can tell the bow movements don't match the notes, you can tell if the fingers aren't moving, and you can tell that a person's hunched-over posture surely doesn't match the beautiful sound piped into the soundtrack. If you know anything about violin, however, then you know that the BS movements you see on screen match the sounds you hear like someone shuffling around in house slippers would match the sounds of tap dancing.

It's just lazy. It can't be that hard to hire a violinist to show you how to pretend to play the instrument believably. I mean, if it's so important to make your character a violinist, then it should be important enough to make that person's playing look real. At least they could try. For me? Please?


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robot said...

Yeah, that one gets me too.
But, my biggest movie peeve is the "titular line" thing.

There was a time when I'd make this freaky "ha ha" laugh whenever I heard it.

The worst was "Hope Floats":
"Some people say that hope rises to the surface. Hope Floats."