Monday, April 25, 2005

The Countdown's ON

It's been ages, but you know what? I'm getting married in 3 weeks. May 15. I have things to do. You know--buy shoes, get a marriage license, finalize an itinerary for family/wedding party, buy more decor (because I'm not at all panicked that our venue is too dark or sparse), and figure out how I'm going to make The Pox that has broken out across my face go away. The Vesuvius-like formation on my cheek is especially problematic. It's so deep it's going into my soul.

In the flip side...I'm getting married in 3 weeks! Wheeee! How exciting is that? I'll tell you: very, very. Of all the things I'm nervous about, that's the one thing that actually calms me down. The fact that I have no idea how many flowers we need freaks me out; the idea of being married to this guy thrills me beyond belief and oddly relaxes me in the midst of all the last-minute chaos of wedding planning.

But what about you, dear reader? What are you going to read when you've checked my blog for the 3rd week in a row to discover that I haven't updated sweet F A? Well, I'll tell you. My friend Allistair finally started his own blog, complete with razor sharp wit, geeky links and drunken photos. My friend Alf, bless him, got sacked from the hive of evil and idiocy (aka "talent agency") where he worked, and his since gotten more prolific. The Mea Culpa entry is especially awesome. And finally, if you've ever wanted to read the blog of a sassy, Southern Miss Priss-turned-funeral director, and you have an account on MySpace, then check out the poetry and prose of my friend Amanda. It reads like Le Tigre covering a Smiths song.

Or, if you're here just for me, then just stay tuned. If you're really lucky, I might tell you more about what kind of votive candle holders we get and how our ceremony programs turn out. Good times.

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