Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What you need

I totally ripped this off from my friend Erika. Here's how it works. Go to Google and type in "(your name) needs" then post the five funniest ones.

Dinah needs a job. I don't think she's pulling her weight around here. ...Dinah needs a little bathtub, too. I really couldn't agree more, as I am clearly screwing around on my blog. And also I stink.

Dinah needs to define her relationship with Huntress. Ah yes, the Birds of Prey, featuring Dinah the Black Canary.

Dinah needs to be spayed, but that only takes one day. Ouch!! This is what happens when people name pets after tertiary characters in Alice in Wonderland.

Dinah needs to be arrested. Eek! Although I'm fairly certain this particular Dinah can be found on Guiding Light.

Dinah needs some pointers in pirranahdom. Who doesn't?

What do you need?


Dinah said...

Because word verification sucks, I'm reposting for Amy:

I love this game from your blog!
Here are mine:
Amy needs the cooperation of the taxidermists for access to the animals
Amy needs a drug-dealer's testimony to free a teenager wrongfully accused of murder
Amy needs to mend her ways and be more of a team player
Amy needs and helps the horse

and of course

Amy needs a new pair of shoes

I tried posting this in the comments of your blog but was denied. I hate the spam but that word recognition has some problems too.

Erika said...

Hee! Arrested and spayed in one day? You really get around! No wonder you need a bathtub. ;)

Becca said...

Ok, here goes! The top 5 comedic responses:

-Becca needs a boyfriend. (Ok, I didn't so much need google for that illuminating statement.)
-Becca needs advice now!! (reproduced with necessary exclamation points!)
-Becca needs to know she won't always be deserted. (Huh. It'd be nice, is all I'm sayin'.)
-Becca needs friends. (desertion issues seem to be rampant in my needs)
And my personal favorite:
-Becca Needs Cock!!!!! (also reproduced with evidently necessary exclamation points and interesting capitalization)

Karen said...

Dude, I'd like to let you know that:

1. Karen needs to grow up (C'mon).
2. Karen needs a lobotomy fund (That's just not nice).
3. Karen needs Dr. Pelvic's knowledge (I was thinking about giving dating advice, but this is ridiculous).
4. Karen needs a man (Interesting how these come up with so many names. Anyway, I think the husband would be a bit offended by that).
5. Karen needs a new haircut to make her look glamorous. I like my stylist, but maybe I'm not glamorous enough.