14:59 and counting

So evidently, mAc and I know a lot of comedy fans. Or at the very least, we have a lot of friends who watch Last Comic Standing on NBC. Because they all saw us on TV last week, and they all let us know.

Let me back up a bit.

A couple months ago, we got invited to a taping of Last Comic Standing. Except I didn't realize it was a taping, really, until we got there. Or maybe I thought it was just a live show that was being recorded for HBO or something, like the time I went to the recorded shows for Margaret Cho and Madonna (and they ended up using the second night of performances, but whatever. Still cool).

But it's a TV show on NBC, similar to American Idol, only it's comedy. I remembered it when we got there, something about comics competing, America voting, but it kind of sucked and Jay Mohr was involved? Anyway, they have a new host (Anthony Clark, whom I will love forever for his role as Paul the barber in The Rock) and a new season and we went to a taping.

And last Tuesday we were on TV. See?
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(That's actually our whole group pictured, with our friend Rick, who invited us, sitting next to mAc, his partner Keith, and Keith's sister.)

And a second of fame goes down the drain. I'm now at 14:59 and counting...

The thing is, though, we watched the episode and only two of the comics on the show last week actually performed for us when we went to the taping. There are 18 other comics that we saw that haven't aired yet. There's another episode with them, I think, tonight. So we might be on TV even more, if you're interested. (NBC, 9 Eastern, 8 Central)

It's all very surreal. I've never been on national television before. Just so you know, though, I'm still the same Dinah. Fame hasn't changed me. In fact, the only thing I was thinking as I watched our faces flash by is, "Thank God I remembered to put on lipstick."

Yup, we were on again last night and I hear they've also been using that clip of us laughing in the promos. In fact, they used it a couple more times last night as well. Either that, or we laugh so similarly every time that they just look the same, which, no. It was totally the same clip. We showed up a few other times in different clips as well, so that's like 5 seconds? Total? So I'm at like 14:54 now or something?


Tinksy said…
Yup, we saw you. I can`t believe we watched the whole thing!! How`s that for parental love? Of course they`d show you guys over and over. Nobody has such an "infectious" (and I mean as in "contagious" and "catching") laugh as you two! Keep laughing. Mom