Tuesday, September 12, 2006


How to speak Australian:

G'day! = Hello! Yes, they really do greet each other like this. It's not common, but it's really cute.
How you going? = How you doing + how's it going. Charming!
Aggro = Overly aggressive.
"Crack the shits," or "Crack it" for short = Pitch a fit, throw a tantrum. "By the end of that long march around Sydney I almost cracked it."
Skull = Chug, or slam, as in the beer in your hand. "Seriously dude, we're all ready to go. Skull it."
BYO = The sign a restaurant will hang in the window if they're not licensed to serve you booze, but you can bring your own.
Good on ya! = Good for you! Well done!
Runners = Sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers.
Brekky = Breakfast, only cuter.
Lippy = Lipstick. "A bit o' lippy and I'll be ready to go."
Dunny = Port-a-potty. Also, the subject of the awesome new Aussie film, Kenny.
Lolly = Candy, not just suckers. Also seen: Confectionary.
Uni = University, as in, "When I was at uni..."
Sunnies = Sunglasses. Picked up on a theme with the nicknames yet?
Daggy = Dorky, seriously uncool. As in, "Why am I such a dag?"
Dickhead = An idiot; Jackass.
Wazz = Wizz. Pee. Also the subject of Kenny. (But, again, it's really funny and I recommend it!)
Tart fuel = Vodka cruisers, fruity pastel-colored sugar & vodka concoctions served in 4-packs.
Bogan = A yokel, white trash. Typically sports a mullet, has at least one car up on blocks in the front yard.
Stubby holder = can coozie, styrofoam beer holder.
Bottle shop = The liquor store, as in "I'll just pop round the bottle shop and grab a slab of VB."
Slab = Case of 24 beers in a flat rectangular box.
VB = Victoria Bitter, yummy Australian beer.
Milk bar = Corner store with takeaway food.
Takeaway = To go, or takeout.
Yummo! or Yum Yum Pig's Bum! = Mmm, delicious!
Ginger = Prounced with hard G's, "geengah." A person with red hair.
No worries = No problem, forget about it.
Pashing = Making out.
I reckon = I figure, I imagine, I guess... it's not as "rednecky" sounding here in Oz as it is in the states. Here it's a common figure of speech: "I reckon I ought to wrap this up if we're going to get to the tattoo place on time."

Ace = The best, tops, awesome, brilliant. Everyone we've met since we've been here. I'm in love. I mean, I'm kind of ready to come home and hug my dogs and sleep in my own bed and enjoy the end of summer heat and, like, detox after all the food and drink and all that, but I'd like to bring all of our friends with us. They're ACE.


Erika said...

Yay! I've been checking to see if you'd post while you were gone. SO glad you're having such a good time! But, boy are you missed! *mwah*

Anonymous said...

Howdy from down under, we are missing you guy's down here and can't wait to see you again in the near distant future.

Lots of Love Sam, Michael, Pippa, Jesse and of course Buster xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

At least we can have a laugh at ourselves, I reckon that entry is spot on....mate!