Friday, September 29, 2006

Um, Mom?

Dinah to Mom Sep 26
Subject: Um, Mom?

Hi! I hope you and Dad have been having a fun time on your Minnesotan vacation. I just wanted to say hello, plus I need to update my blog with a "What I did on my Australian vacation" post, and I wanted to give you a heads up about something first.

I got a tattoo.

It's really pretty! It's kind of inspired by you, actually, although I don't know if that makes you feel any better about it. It's a lily design, originally sketched by my favorite, Alphonse Mucha. I found it in a book I bought in Prague, it's on one of his "Documents Decoratifs" plates. It kind of reminds me of the big stargazer lilies you picked out for our wedding arrangements. Did I mention it's really pretty?

It's also pretty big, and on my back where you can't see it if I'm wearing a top with a high neckline, but you can totally see it if my upper back is at all exposed.

So, I love it. I've always wanted a tattoo, and now I have one and it's beautiful. I know I don't need your permission or approval for these things at my age. I just wanted to let you know I did it before I posted it to my blog and you saw the pictures and freaked right the hell out.

You might be freaking out anyway, but hey, it could be worse. You could be mAc's mom--he got his 10th. :)

We'll be in Denver next month for Jeremy's wedding, so you can see it then. I love you! Hope you & Dad are doing well!

Mom to me Sep 29
Subject: Uh, Dinah...

HI! Thanks for the Warning!!!! I might have been shocked, so I appreciate the pre-information. It was probably just a matter of time what with you being married to a walking art gallery. Isn't he running out of room for more body art? How big is BIG? I mean the lily...I guess I'll find out soon.

Dad and I had a really good time on our trip. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys (and your new embellishment). You know, our next trip will be to see you, but I don't know when that will be either. We'll talk.
Love you, Mom

Yes. It really hurt.
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Tigerpants said...

Oh, man. All that red concerns me, but it is really pretty! I've been considering one. My dad and I ALWAYS talked about going to get matching tattoos, and we never did. Can y'all recommend a safe place?

Dinah said...

The red is normal when you take the picture the second it's finished. It doesn't look like that now, it's all healed