Thursday, December 21, 2006

side-holding, couch-shaking, milk-snarfing, tear-inducing

If you haven't figured this out yet then I'm just going to tell you: This year's Thursday night lineup of sitcoms on NBC really is Must See TV. Scrubs is a mean-yet-heartwarming, random and hilarious gem. My Name is Earl actually left me cold in it's first couple episodes, and now I love it so much I can't wait to go back to Season 1 and get caught up on everything. The Office is a shameless addiction--the second it's in TiVO I have to watch it. And 30 Rock is straight up brilliant.

There are a million things I love about these shows, but one is that they all feature some of the funniest women on TV, EVER. It's a bold statement but I'm sticking with it. Sarah Chalke, Jaime Pressley, Tina Fey, Jenna Fischer--LOVE THEM.

But also, besides being funny on their shows, they're also completely charming off camera. Check out this TV guide interview with Jenna and Tina. Absolutely DARLING. I don't want to go all stalker-y, but seriously it's stuff like this that makes me want to be all BFF with these women.

In the meantime, I'll settle for side-holding, couch-shaking, milk-snarfing, tear-inducing peals of laughter every Thursday night. You rock, ladies.


iBrett said...

If you enjoy The Office, then I recommend seeing the original BBC version of the show, if you haven't already. It's quite good, and it's complete with that unique British humour. I haven't yet seen a single episode of the US show, so I'm left without the necessary insight to provide any comparison between the two.

Are you still watching Lost? I have been hooked on this show, but so far, I must admit, I am disappointed with the progress of season three. In short, I don't care about the welfare of those characters who remain on the beach, and I'm not left at the end of each episode with anxiety related to having to wait a week to find out how the story will progress. Alas, I continue to watch and hope that the plot will reignite my enthusiasm for the show; if it doesn't, my loyalty to the show will be--lost.

Dinah said...

I actually watched both seasons of the BBC Office yesterday as we recovered from holidays on the couch (an easy enough feat, given that each season is only 6 episodes). Loved it! Can't wait to watch the Christmas special. I find it interesting what stories and characters are set up in the US version pretty much exactly like the original, as well as seeing where the two series part ways. They're both really funny, though, which I think speaks to the comic genuis us Ricky & Steve, that their creation works so well on two continents. And to both casts, for that matter.

Still watching Lost, although they need to start giving me some freaking MOTIVATION for the Others' actions before I completely LOSE MY MIND and stop watching. Like you, I keep hoping... but we'll see.

My new hour-long addiction this year? HEROES. Freakin' awesome, so entertaining.

iBrett said...

I think you'll really enjoy the Christmas special of The Office. It really ties up the series nicely. I'm most impressed with how well things are put right (that's not a spoiler) while the characteristics and qualities of the characters are not compromised in the process.

I tend to agree with your comments on Lost. Some hint about the motivations of "the others" would be useful and in order. I'm starting to fear that any plan that may have existed to guide the show's plot has long been abandoned in favour of promoting the absurdities of the island and the others. Still, I hope that I am wrong. :)