Thursday, December 28, 2006



Tonight mAc & I went to see Dreamgirls which was totally fantastic and everything I hoped it would be. Yeah, uneven & all the other things critics have said but whatever. The songs were great, the cast was great, the costumes were sensational, the choreography was outstanding and that Jennifer Hudson totally blew me away. Good on ya, girl!

What made me giggle, however, was when they panned past a building as though it was the outside of a recording studio, and I realized--hey! That's my office building! Look, there's my office! Eddie Murphy's singing like Marvin Gaye in it! Nice!

Sidenote: every time we go to the Arclight to watch movies (the only good place to watch movies in LA, with nary a screaming kid or ringing cell phone to be heard, and a pretty good restaurant & bar to boot) we see a celebrity. Usually a "Hey, it's that guy" type person, although once it was Tom Hanks. Tonight? Dita von Teese, looking fabulous in those ubiquitous, red-soled Louboutin pumps.


mAc said...

Don't forget Doug "Skinny freak" Jones! Though he was paid to be there.

And then we got another 2-fer on Friday with Eriq "Why I wouldn't watch ER" LaSalle and Rhona "Yes please" Mitra!

Dinah said...

Ha! "Yes please." And yet, TOTALLY.