Monday, February 12, 2007

stitchin' fool

I know I haven't blogged much lately, and y'all are probably tired of looking at my sushi embroidery pictures. The solution, of course, is MORE embroidery pictures! That's right, in the last few weeks, I've been a stitchin' fool. I've been experimenting with different patterns, fabrics and threads with mostly good results. Check it out:

Kitchen towels for Amanda & Eyad.
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Amanda loves owls; Eyad is a record collector and DJ. They enjoy cooking together, so I created the most literal gift ever. The headphones and records are a Sublime Stitching pattern ("Rock & Roll"). The owl was photocopied from a Fossil watch tin, blown up on my computer, printed out, and transferred on with white transfer paper. The transfer for both of these designs came out really light, so there was a lot of eyeballing and free-hand work in these endeavors. Also, I tried out a couple new stitches on these as well (stem stitch and back stitch).
From 2007In Stitches

From 2007In Stitches

Kitchen towels for Erica & Jeff.
From 2007In Stitches

I haven't sent these yet, so if they're reading this they probably just got really excited about their present. Yes, it's the same towel set (I was totally enamoured with the oversized houndstooth pattern). The flaming martini is from the Sublime Stitching "Las Vegas" pattern.
From 2007In Stitches

Silver Surfer boxer shorts for Eyad.
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Why? Why Silver Surfer? Why boxers? It's kind of a long story so I'll shorten it by offering, simply: we thought it would be funny. mAc and I hunted down Silver Sufer images until we found one we liked.
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I converted it to a black & white image on the computer and resized it, printed it out, and transferred it onto the shorts with white transfer paper. I used about 5 different silver or metallic threads on this design. Metallic thread, by the way, can bite me. My hands hurt by the time I finished, but I feel like the end result is pretty much awesome.
From 2007In Stitches

Current projects: baby onesies for my baby momma friends. Stretchy knit fabric is almost as fun as metallic thread!


Jeff said...

I totally love them! Especially that flaming martini towel! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I was talking about how you and mAc might be the Coolest Couple I Know the other day. I haven't followed puffpiece like I should, so I didn't know you're stitching! Super-cute. Be careful - one minute you're embroidering tea towels and the next you're buying hand-dyed silk floss... not that I'd know *anything* about that!