Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Over it, Under it, Next to it: Installment 1

Over it: Friendster
Under it: iLike
Kind of over it, but using it anyway: Myspace

Over it: Pirates. Ninjas.
Under it: Monkeys. Zombies.
Standing next to it: Robots. Robot Chicken.
On notice: All movies made from 80's shows, toys, and cartoons.

Over it: Right? Amaaaaaazing. For reals. For realsies. For serious. -style. As in, "I'm dealing with my vague annoyances in language blog-style."
Under it: Dude. Seriously. Totally. For cute! Because really.
Standing next to it, feeling a little taller: Awesome.

Over it: Gay. Retard. Fatty. Loser.
Under it: Dump truck. Clock.
Undecided: Douche bag.

Over it: Being poor, pretending it's somehow noble and therefore acceptable. Being well-paid, pretending it makes a total lack of nobility okay.
Under it: Having a job with meaning, working with passion, AND receiving fair compensation.

Over it: Supposedly “cute” or “pretty” things combined with “shocking” phrases or swear words.
Under it: Successful combinations of things mean and cuddly, diabolical and cute, shocking and funny, or kickass and pretty.
Depends on the thing and my mood: Skulls.

Over it: Ellipses. Apostrophe's in the wrong place (that was intentional). Commas in, the wrong place (also intentional). Ironic use of text or IM spelling in non-text or IM forums, like it's somehow hip to mock, I don't know, words? People who can't spell?
Under it: Semicolons. Spelling bees. Giving books to kids as presents. Proof-reading things before they're turned in, specifically in professional or academic environments.

Under it: Italics.
Kind of "whatever" about it: Bold.

Over it: "I don't really watch TV/have a TV. I'm more of a reader." (And, therefore, smarter and superior to all you TV-watching drones.)
Under it: Heroes. Grey's Anatomy. Battlestar Galactica. The Office. 30 Rock. Veronica Mars. The Daily Show. The Colbert Report.
Still under it: Books. Some of us TV-watching drones enjoy both.


- The M.A.D. Hapa said...
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- The M.A.D. Hapa said...

How do you feel about The Sarah Silverman Program? I like the show in general, but when it's too much of her it kind of grates on me. I agree with you that there's been to much of the cute/pretty + shocking, and that's basically her schtick.

Dinah said...

I hear The Sarah Silverman Program is funny, but she bugs me. Her brand of cute+shocking = cloying and annoying and forced, many times. It's a tricky combination to pull off successfully, for sure.

Vitamin Black said...

I'm with all y'all on Sarah Silverman. I just don't get it. I prefer Doug Stanhope. He cuts the "cute" out of the equation and just goes for ranting goodness.

Excellent list by the way.