Saturday, November 24, 2007


This weekend has been Project Weekend in the McLean House. I'm thrilled to be getting so much done and I hope to have all kinds of completed projects to report on once Monday arrives.

One of the things I'm doing today is going through all these boxes of crap I've saved for years and years, including notebooks from college. Mostly, they're just class notes and can all be recycled and (finally) sent to notebook heaven. But sometimes I'll find notes to myself. Little scraps of journal entries I'd jot down in the middle of calculus or Russian history. Gems like this, for example:

"The RA Who Went Apeshit,"
By Dinah Larson
She's pissed, and she has the master keys.

As it turns out, "The RA Who Went Apeshit" is a touching tale about a young woman pushed too far by residents hell-bent on waking her up with loud, drunken parties at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, or making her miss important collegiate opportunities because of, and I think I'm reading my notes correctly, "time-suckage." The plot goes on from there--there's a break-in at the dining hall that results in our heroine and a local rabble-rouser sharing a bowl of cereal, evidently? Clearly, the project lost steam early on.

As much as I'm throwing away and recycling this fine day, I am really glad I saved some of this stuff. Is all I'm saying.

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Anonymous said...

I1m so glad you`re checking that stuff before you throw it out. I Knew there were some gems in those boxes! Mom