Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I just wanted to announce to the world (and by "world" I mean the 7 lovely people who read my blog) that my health and fitness endeavors are paying off!

Around mid-January I hit a record high that I'm not going to publish because I'm a lady. (And, admittedly, easily shamed by the numbers on the scale. Stupid patriarchy.) So I started eating better, exercising more. I committed to a triathlon, and introduced a whole array of different exercises into my routine. I went swimming. I lifted weights.

I started this endeavor only 6 weeks ago. As of this morning, I've lost a total of 12 lbs. My gut is smaller. I'm starting to see muscle definition in my upper arms.

12 lbs is especially victorious considering that on Thursday night I went way "Off Plan" and indulged in Godiva chocolate truffles, fried calamari, steak and potatoes, chocolate mousse, and too much good wine. And then on Friday I ate a whole plate of baked macaroni & cheese at a client lunch. And then I felt the old indulgent, "I'm grown! I can if I want!" attitude slip back over the weekend, when I ate pasta and helped Mac finish off the truffles.

But here's what's different: I also went hiking Thursday morning. My Valentine dinner was delicious, but I didn't eat until I was so full I felt sick--there was still food on the plate when they took it away. Mac and I split the mousse dessert, instead of each getting our own. Friday's rich lunch actually did make me feel sick (and took care of the mac & cheese craving for at least a few months), and I ate lightly for the rest of the day. As for the indulgent weekend, 1) We didn't order any Chinese/Thai/Pizza, which is kind of huge, and 2) I snapped out of it yesterday. Just like that. I went back on plan, I went to the gym.

So, yeah, 12 lbs is a huge victory for me, for sure. But I think the bigger victories so far lie in the overall changes in attitude. The fact that I could see my muscles working while I was on the pectoral fly machine yesterday, and it almost made me squeal out loud with glee is, in itself, a huge victory. And on this next Sunday we're throwing our big annual Oscar party, complete with a vast array of delicious food and baked goods. And I already know that I'm going to sample pretty much everything on the table, and probably eat more than my share of brie because that's just how I roll. I also know I'll send cookies home with people and I'll be at the gym the next day. Just knowing this is a win.

Next goals:
  • 5 more lbs, which should get me into more of the clothes in my closet.
  • Still need to run a mile (I keep pulling muscles and injuring myself, so I've been walking a lot).
  • 3 sets of 10 reps on the "push up" machine without feeling like I'm going to cry.

I also need to buy a bike. Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

Should I throw the pilates machine on a truck and bring it down for you?

Seriously though, great job! That has to feel great. As for personal growth goals, I'm trying to go 30 days of blogging every day. Today is day one - so come see me over at Evilmarketing.

Alison said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you, and glad you're feeling so great!

I can't recommend a particular bike, but I do have a couple buying tips:

1. Determine your budget. Road bikes are available at such a range of price points, you might as well narrow the choice down to a realistic group at the start.

2. Go to a reputable shop that knows how to fit a bike. I would buy a mountain bike primarily based on feel and agility during a short test ride, but a road bike needs to be comfortable over a long distance, and you probably won't be able to try one out under those conditions. Luckily, road bikes can be fit pretty scientifically based on your proportions. Then you can tweak seat placement, stem length, etc. until it's perfect. Do NOT buy a bike that is too big for you.

Keep us posted on the progress!