Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I freaking DID IT

Ladies and gentlemen,

I RAN A MILE!!!!!!!!!1!!!!elevenWoooooooo!!!!@

Okay. By "run" I actually mean "jog" and it was on a treadmill at 4.5 mph so it took 14:30 minutes, hi I'm slow. And then it kind of wrecked the rest of my time on the treadmill, 'cause after that I could only run in little 2 min bursts & still only ended up covering 2.8 miles in 45 minutes. BUT. I am ridiculously out of shape, and we all know this. I have a triathlon sprint coming up that entails me running/walking 3.2 miles, and I can't even do that yet. So my first goal in all this training was to get to where I could jog a whole mile without walking. Just one.

And today I freaking DID IT.

For those of you thinking, "Dude, a 14:30 mile is kind of .... slow." Well, you're right. I'm not going to let you get me down, though, judgey. Because that time also means I jogged for fourteen and a half minutes straight. I'm not even sure how.

I'll tell you another thing--I've been dragging ass the last couple of weeks. A hike here, a little elliptical there, but mostly I've been planning parties, hosting fabulous out of town guests, eating too much, drinking too much, generally feeling like ass and, oh yeah, I kind of threw my back out on Monday. Yesterday I was like, "I need macaroni and cheese and hamburgers right noooooowwwwww!!!!" (Hi, PMS.)

So today, when I was like, let's just see how much longer I could go. Let's just see how much further I could go. Hey, I'm so close now, I might as well keep going. Ooh look I just jogged a whole mile without walking!!!

Yeah. Pretty sweet.

I'd also like to add here, if I can do this? This whole exercise thing? Seriously, for real? As indulgent as I am, as out of shape as I am, as much ass as I drag?? ANYONE can do this. If you're even remotely thinking about picking up a little more exercise, then I say go for it. Just go for a walk, & see how you do. I bet you impress yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the oscar pix! It looks so fun!



Jen said...

RIGHT ON!!! You are totally awesome and this is a great milestone. When I was "athletic" I remember, if I could get past 12 minutes, it got easier. Keep it up!

Dinah said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

A milestone, no doubt. Keep up the training. I'm looking forward to reading about your and your girlfriends' race results.

Have you been out on the bike yet? I imagine southern California offers up some mean cycling tours.