Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm so gay.

Only 2 weeks til the finale. Seriously? Summer has flown. Tonight I went out with some friends for an early birthday dinner. They bought me a flaming shot of something that tasted like cough syrup. I'm going to keep this short 'cause otherwise I'm going to sound like a drunk typo idiot.

I might still sound like a drunk idiot. Oh well. It was a great birthday dinner.

That Cat Deeley... she's so pretty. She actually makes me want to keep my long hair.

Toni Basil is a guest judge! Oh Toni, you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind!

Courtney & Will, Samba: Oh, okay, I love Jean Marc as much as the rest of the choreographers. HE'S ADORABLE. FINE. These two dancing... okay. I feel like Courtney is kind of proving the "Jessica dragged Will down" theorem, because he & Katee were awesome, right, but Katee's a pretty awesome dancer. But here, he's really bringing Courtney UP. Like, he's so good, she's trying extra hard. And she's so fun & cute, he can't help but have fun. They have a really fun chemistry, like something Hollywood is always going for. Sort of a "uptight dude meets carefee, funloving girl" chemistry, that really works for them in this number.

Nigel: "300: The Dance Off"

*sigh* I'm so gay.

1. Comfort, solo: She's getting a little more creative with her solos, which is good (better late than never, I guess). At least.

Katee & Twitch, Contemporary: Um. Okay. I like a little drama with my dancing, sure. But when you spend this much time on a stage kiss? It's distracting. And y'all know how much I love some Mia, Twitch, Katee, and flaming shots, and even with all those things in favor of this routine right now, I'm still feeling like this number was a little too much Performance, and not quite enough Dancing.

2. Will, solo: Will started dancing because of Dirty Dancing, and he's doing his solo--in wig--to Jmes Brown. Yeah, I love him.

Comfort & Mark, Hip Hop: I'm not surprised these two are together, what with them being the 2nd-to-last, bottom two dancers & all. ("Dear SYTYCD: We see right through you. No, really.") And while their dancing together isn't super-synchronized or anything, they look like they're hitting it hard just for the fun of it. Because they're really, truly, dancing the choreography. And say what you will about anything else, but me? I like this show because I like to watch people DANCE.

3. Katee, solo: Katee, I love ya, but why do these dancers always pick Celine for their solos? It bums me out, and reminds me that people actually (SIGH) listen to Celine Dion. I mean. I'm not THAT gay.

Chelsie & Joshua, Argentine Tango: WOW. That was RIVETING the whole way through. I'm not a tango expert, but that seemed really precise and awesome to me. Again, Joshua really commits to the style, which is the main reason I love him so much. And Chelsie is dazzling and divine.

Uh, I think Toni Basil's on drugs, btw. Just based on how she's describing things, here. Also, is it just me, or does she use the word "street" as an adjective just a little too much for a SIXTY-SOMETHING (Yeah.) white woman?

4. Mark, solo: To Santogold, nice! I'm still not convinced he totally knows what to do with his solos, but he's an adorable, entertaining guy, that's for sure.

Courtney & Will, hip hop: The pre-dance package for this bothers me, because it's like they're actually trying to sell it for an Emmy nomination.Which, the dancing on this number is nice & all, but it kind of grosses me out that the choreographers on this show would only try for something original or awesome because they thought there'd be an Emmy in it for them. Not that Cat Deeley wasn't totally overlooked. I'm just saying. This show is about more than mainstream awards to me, and this number feels like it was trying too hard to be Award Winning. But, you know, it was danced well.

5. Chelsie, solo: I'm never totally sure what the ballroom dancers have done in their solos, because they just aren't jumping around as much as the other competitors. But I love Chelsie a little more knowing her birthday is just 2 days away from mine. Typical Leo.

Katee & Twitch, Broadway: With Tasty Oreo! In the rehearsal package, Tyce is wearing exactly the shorts & t-shirt he was wearing at the mall on Friday, which makes me wonder how much time these dancers actually get with their choreographers, if they have time to teach a number and then go to the Valley to buy sunglasses. (Or maybe Tyce needs a raise so he can buy more clothes?) But still, I thought this number was effortless and kind of genius and really well done.

No, seriously, y'all, Toni Basil is 64 years old.

6. Joshua, solo: I like how in Josh's solos, he keeps the "sneak attack" element alive. Like, "Aw, I don't know, this is just okay, WAIT WHAT WAS THAT." His reminder that he's a hip hop dancer is kind of perfunctory, in the end, because every other style he tries is so enjoyable.

7. Courtney, solo: I find myself wishing her solos were longer. That has to be a good thing.

8, Twitch, solo: So adorable, but not a lot happening with this solo.

I'm really tired, y'all. It's 1 am, and did I mention the flaming shots?

Comfort & Mark, Foxtrot: Well, it's slick & fun, but I'm not sure if it's enough to save them. I'm glad they're top 10 dancers, and are going on the tour, but this wasn't super strong.

Chelsie & Joshua, Disco: That seemed really hard, to me. Those were some crazy lifts, right? With Chelsie flying in the air and almost hitting the floor? The judges say they're tough, so I believe them. I thought they were tough, too.

There are only 4 girls & 4 guys, so it's just a matter of the top 3 couples at this point, for sure. That said, I'm ranking them from favorite to least this week:
Girls: Katee, Chelsie, Courtney, Comfort
Guys: Will, Joshua, Twitch, Mark

I have the hiccups.


Casey said...

did you notice Cat shaking her booty with the kids during the credits? Happy almost Birthday!

Erika said...

Happy birthday, woo! My cable went out AGAIN, so I only saw part of the show last night. And I agree with the you for the ones I saw, except (and don't think I just hate on Will) for the Courtney and Will samba. I actually thought Courtney was better. Will was a bit too ballet and uppity for it, or something. I thought Courtney seemed a little more natural. That said, I DO like Will, but I don't really want him to win. I think he has had a pretty awesome dance career so far and would rather someone less...perfect...won. Is that lame?

Dinah said...

Thanks casey! And, yeah, I did notice Cat shimmying along with the dancers. :)

And Erika, as for Will: I thought he was the best this week. His James Brown solo really put him over the top (you know how I feel about Commitment in dance). I think he's gearing up to be in 2nd or 3rd place tho, because of exactly that sentiment--he's too perfect. I get it, and think Katee or Joshua will be the one standing next to him in the end. But for me, I'd kind of like to see the actual Better Dancer (Travis, Danny) win for once. I don't think it'll happen, but what's wrong with rewarding talent in a talent competition? ;)

Erika said...

No, I definitely agree with you. I think I'm just bitter because I feel like the judges have shoved him down our throats this season. If I'm being totally honest, I've felt that way about the whole show this season, and definitely more so than other seasons. I feel like the judges have had their agenda and they've either shoved people in our faces or thrown them under the bus. I don't like having icky feelings about my show, but it just hasn't been the same this season. :(

And I was both a Travis, and especially, a Danny fan. Though I think the two of them had a bit of a journey through their respective seasons, whereas there has not been one negative thing said about Will. Last night when Cat said we had only two weeks left until the finale, I was like "Wait! I don't have a favorite yet!" (Except Cat, of course. Heh.)

I loved Will's solo last night, though. I'm totally with you on that. I liked watching him play such a fun part. His was my favorite.

One thing I'm definitely over? The 4 Real thing. Oy!

Thanks for your recaps! I love them! Your words almost always express the thoughts in my head.

Hope you're having a fantastic birthday!