Friday, July 18, 2008

Tasty Oreo

Yeah, so, you're not going to believe this.

Mac & I were at the mall to get iPhones. Because the iPhone line was so long, I popped over to Banana Republic to try on some summer shirts. Because the line ended up moving really quickly while I was gone, Mac had to let a couple people go in line before us. Then, when the guy tried to sell us our two iPhones, one of them, like, wouldn't sell, or something? Like, the UPC number was all busted? I don't know. His little hand-held sales thingy they use at the Apple store wasn't working so hot either, so it was one or the other. Either way, after he sold Mac his phone, he had to go back to the back and get me a new one. And because I had to try on shirts and/or because of our salesguy's technical difficulties, they ran out of the phone we wanted, while we were standing there.

We left the store a little dejected. Sure, Mac had his shiny new toy, but I didn't have mine and was feeling a little bummed, and a little silly for having missed out because I don't have the patience to stand still on line when there was a Banana Republic, like, right there.

And that's when we saw Tyce DiOrio walk into the Sunglass Hut.

I shit you not.

Now, normally, I don't like to bug celebrities in LA when they're out & about on their own time. At events, sure, I'll say hi, because they're kind of working when they're there. They have to be "on," and aren't usually surprised or anything by being approached. But their time is their time, and I generally try to respect that.

But then I thought of my blog, and I thought of the story, and after much prodding from Mac, we walked into the Sunglass Hut, tried on some Ray Bans, and then I just walked over, said hi, introduced myself, apologized for bothering him while he was shopping, and told him that I was a big fan of the show and his routines in particular.

He seemed a little nonplussed, actually, but he was also pleasant and he thanked me kindly, and then his phone rang, so I said goodbye and walked away. (No pictures, but Mac will vouch for me.)

So of the three people from my favorite summer show that I wanted to meet (and have pink drinks with, but that's Phase 2), I have now met Mia Michaels and Tyce DiOrio (or, as Mac calls him, "Tasty Oreo.") At this point I'll be very much surprised if I don't meet Cat Deeley.


Alison said...

Good Lord, woman, you're killing me here! Are we doing a LolaCon LA this fall, or what? Because you are making it sound veeeery tempting!

Casey (daggad) said...

holy crap you have excellent sytycd sightings! I'm sorry you didn't get your shiny new toy!