Two kinds of adorable side by side

You've all already watched the dancing and the results, so I'm just going to work this out for my own benefit.

Courtney & Mark, Waltz: Lovely. Great partnering, good character, lovely lines. I feel like these two have both really grown, and it's a pleasure to see the results of that growth in this dance.

1. Chelsie, solo: That dress, with the diamante boobs and the fluorescent green fringe is hideous, but her dancing is sensational, as always.

2. Twitch, solo: Gimmicky, but strong. Whatever weakness he's shown historically with other styles, he's strong, clever and musical in his solos.

Cat, though. You do not need to taste Twitch's spit to convince me that you are the World's Most Adorable Host EVER. I mean, that was funny & all? But. Damn, girl.

Katee & Joshua, Contemporary: With my old friend, Tasty. It's brilliant. They're both strong, lyrical, musical, and totally committed to the dance. The lifts in this are crazy hard, too. I worry that people will miss just how good these two are, when they make difficult routines like this look so easy. One of my favorite dances so far this season.

Chelsie & Twitch, Mambo: Chelsie is flat-out carrying Twitch in this routine, and he is doing that thing where, what he lacks in technique, he makes up in style. He telegraphs every hold and every turn, he made a face when he screwed up, he's kind of a mess. The judges let him off easy, because it was difficult? I don't get it. There were hardly any lifts, and for a TOP SIX DANCER he should be doing a pretty basic routine a bit more than "respectably" at this point.

Dear jidges,
Could you take a break from kissing the ass of every choreographer on the planet, and praising your own damn show for 2 seconds to actually, you know, critique the dancers?

(Yeah, Amy, you weren't kidding about them. It's really rather obnoxious.)

3. Katee, solo: Oh, Katee. You are just full of joy and awesomeness, and you're just trying to spread it all over the stage when you dance.

4. Joshua, solo: It's like he's trying to just give us examples of everything he can do: jumps, turns, breaking, popping, the works. Dude. You can do anything. I believe you.

Courtney & Mark, jazz: Ugh. With Sonja. Which... it's better than her past routines. Kind of fun, actually. She created good characters, and the couple really dove into them, which made it fun to watch. I wish, hmm. I thought it was fun, but I didn't really see the difficulty for the dancers? I think they did it really well, but I feel like the routine was a bit of a softball for them. (Jazz dancers, feel free to tell me what's up.)

Raise your hand if you think the judges are maybe trying to sell us Sonja as our Wade Robson replacement this season?

Kateee & Joshua, Paso Doble: OMG CHILLS!!! That was amazing!! That's it. Top two dancers, RIGHT HERE. This routine rocked my world. Oh, and a note to all the other contestants who've tried to pull off this kind of intensity, and missed it (Kherington): THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. Yes.

5. Courtney, solo: Knowing the results, I'm going to say that I think Courtney won over some votes with this solo. The song choice was going of genius ("I just want to rock your soul"--subliminal), and the turns and leaps were fabulous. Courtney danced this like a girl determined to stick around. And so, she did.

6. Mark, solo: Well, it was fun, and he finally got the "Shirt off = Votes" memo. But it wasn't as strong as Joshua's or Twitch's.

Chelsie & Twitch, hip hop: This song RULES, for a start. Janet Jackson + violins? OKAY. The routine concept is really clever and fun, too. Finally something I'd love to see on the tour! These two did a great job with this. A really fun couple.

First, I love that blue color on Cat. The shape of the dress is iffy, but she's pulling it off.

Second, it seems like this season has been a little revealing, in terms of song choices by the choreographers. Like they're all trying to tell us, "FINE, alright, we listen to lite FM, we like Delilah, we like all the divas you're used to hearing solely at your dentist's office, and we don't care who knows it!" I mean, Bette Midler's "The Rose," for the final 6 group performance? Okay. What can we expect next week, "Wind Beneath My Wings?" "I Will Always Love You?" "My Heart Will F---ing Go On?"

All that said, I must admit that this routine is really pretty.

So, Adam Shankman is giving away a job as the grand prize? Does that mean Twitch is disqualified, since he's already worked on an Adam Shankman movie before? I mean.... that doesn't seem fair to me.

I really liked everything the judges said to the top six, though. Constructive, thoughtful, and really caring. Thanks, jidges.

The solos are adorable, especially Twitch's. Not as adorable as L'il Demon, though.

I don't think ANYTHING is as adorable as L'il Demon. Oh, my God. And standing next to tall supermodel Cat Deeley? Two kinds of adorable side by side! And then she picks him UP? And interviews him? It's too much Cute, I can't take it!!!!

By now we all know the results. And you know I think Chelsie is a better dancer than Courtney, but I have to say I kind of get this a little better than last week's Will Surprise. Or maybe by now I'm just used to the news. I'm very sad that Chelsie won't be in the finale (I cried after her going away package, even), but I'm actually a little proud of Courtney. I mean, she's in a finale with Joshua, Twitch, and Katee. That's an awesome achievement for someone I've come to think of as an underdog on this show. And I know I was baggin' hard on Mark when I thought he should have gone before Will, but I did love him. I'm going to miss him, too.

Oh, sigh. This show. It gets away with all kinds of shenanigans, and I still just love it so much.


Anonymous said…
I totally see them trying to sell the whole "Sonja is the new Wade Robson" thing, and I'm not buying it. There can only be one.

It took me the last few episodes to realize that Mary and Cat must be coordinating their outfits. They both wear blue, or silver, or gold dresses on the same night.

I was never a huge Will fan, but I am really disappointed that he won't be in the finale. Personally, I think this is Joshua's to lose.