Friday, October 10, 2008


And I'm back to politics and feeling frustrated with stupidity. These people I've been railing on, the dumb ones who think Sarah Palin is awesome and actually think Barack Obama is a terrorist? They have faces and voices, my friends. Here they are, if you can stand it:

I'm starting to think that people in this country need to not only be 18 in order to vote, they also need to have a high school diploma/GED and a GPA of at least 2.0 in order to vote. Because these people clearly failed history, current events, science, English, and basic math. For example, the sign at the beginning actually says:
BS = B-->S

Also, this is an actual response to the question, "Do you think Obama is a terrorist?":
"He's got the bloodlines."



Anonymous said...

This is unsettling, particularly because it's apparent some among the American electorate are providing unqualified support, which is dangerous, and also so willing to demonize opponents.

From my vantage point, it appears the race for the White House has reached a new low in ugliness--to the point where the tactics employed by the Republican ticket in particular are inciting extreme behaviour from a vocal fringe element of supporters. Very alarming that such an outcome, apparently, hasn't given pause to Republican strategists or yielded a check of their tactics. Of course, this wouldn't right their imprudent behaviour. I hope, however, that John McCain will be the maverick he claims to be and put an end to this madness, reclaiming what little dignity he has left.

Dinah said...

Very well said, Brett.

Alison said...

The worst part is that I saw another video of McCain/Palin supporters that was even scarier and more disheartening. The comments from people insisting that Obama is a Muslim terrorist were mind boggling. The comment about a woman who has been raped who should die or pay double for a rape kit made me ill. The violence and ugliness in this short film actually made me cry.