Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am voting today.

I am so excited to vote today! Election Day is one of my favorite days to be an American, and I'm more thrilled about that in this election than any other.

I am voting today because of all the people before me who fought so hard, for YEARS, for this privilege, and it should not be wasted.

I am voting today because even though it's just one vote, basic math suggests that when you add up a bunch of ones, you get many. Enough to make a difference. My one vote makes a difference.

I am voting today because there are propositions on my state's ballot that will determine the fates of couples in love, teenage girls in trouble, and animals in pain.

I am voting today because a national religious majority should not be able to change my state's constitution.

I am voting today because I want a say in who we hire to run our country.

I am voting today because I literally have nothing better to do than stand in a long line and wait my turn, just so I can fill out a ballot.

I am voting today because I know I enjoy a lot of freedom in this country, and it is both my privilege and my responsibility to protect and nurture that freedom--not just for me, but for every American.

I am voting today because I genuinely love the United States of America, and I've never been more proud to be an American.

I am voting today because our country is not perfect. But we are a country that was born out of ideas instead of a monarchy. And democracy, and voting, well. That's just about the best idea our founders ever had. So in honor of the idea that we should all have a say, and in honor of everyone who fought to make sure that all means ALL, and to make a difference in my state and my country, and to nurture the freedom I enjoy so much,

I am voting today.

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