Monday, November 03, 2008

open for business

Okay, so I know it's the night before Election Day and also I have, like, sooo much work to do and hiring and stress and shmeh whatever. But. I was watching Gossip Girl tonight, and while I love the show and the fact that it gives me a reason to bond with teen girls everywhere, hearing the young 15-year-old girl on the show say, "I need Bacardi and a boy: this body is open for business," and knowing impressionable teen girls everywhere just watched her say that, really bums me out.

"This body is open for business." I mean...... ? The girls watching this show know that's not cool, right?



Kate said...

When Paris Hilton went from being a page six party girl to what ever the hell she is now, I asked my students the same thing and they laughed at me because I actually thought that anyone with a brain would want to be like Paris. They were also sort of offended by the idea that I thought they couldn't watch something on TV without emulating it. They told me that anyone who chooses to act like Paris Hilton deserves what she gets.

Then I realized that I was making the same argument as conservative watch dog groups and if you ever find yourself agreeing with a conservative watchdog group, you're probably forgetting something important like "Hey, teenage girls are not mindless idiots". So, don't fret for our younger selves, they're alot smarter than the PTC gives them credit for.

Much more importantly, we must ask, what my students asked me LAST year: Are you A Dan, A Chuck or A Nate? I think you could probably guess I'm a Chuck. OMFGG!!!!!

Kate said...

Oh, also, that scene was fucking hilarious!

Dinah said...

It really was hilarious, but not as funny as Blaire calling the would-be "winner" of the virginity-off a "lacrosse-stitute" because that shit is just GENIUS.

I know you're right, and I should have more faith in the younger generation. They've just got so much of this kind of stuff coming at them, you know? It was hard enough to be a teenager in the age of Debbie Gibson, and we had Sassy Magazine to help us out. Girls today, well. I guess they have us. :)

Oh, and as much as he sucks, I'm probably a Dan. WTF?