Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Don't fuss with the girls."

Last night's show, as briefly as I can.

Cat's side part makes her look like a Wakefield Twin.

Boys group: Brandon & Ade nail the style Sonya was going for--one I particularly liked, in fact--and Evan keeps up respectably. Why he keeps getting props from the judges for just keeping up at this point is quite beyond me.

Jeanine & Ade 1, Samba: Two seriously hot dancers doing a hot dance to a hot/nasty song...with tepid results, unfortunately.

Kayla solo: Fabulous, but did it seem a wee bit desperate to anyone else?

Melissa & Evan 1, Broadway: Evan is great in his ideal style--Cute--and Melissa is also cute, but I'm just not as delighted by this as I feel I should be.

Ade solo: I love this kid, but I feel like I've seen this solo before. Yawn.

Kayla & Brandon 1, Contemporary: (Stacey Tookey!) Goosebumps. Best dance of the night. Amazing partnership. Final Two written all over it. Brilliant.

Melissa solo: Lovely. Showed nice variation & range on her style, and excellent music choice.

Jeanine & Ade 2, Hip Hop: Napoleobitha, with props (sigh). Ade's hat covering his face is a mistake. Well danced, but not hitting it out of the park. For me, anyway. The judges lost their minds over it.

Brandon solo: He breaks out his original audition piece, which might be smart, or might be a bit lazy maybe? It's amazing, still, though.

Melissa & Evan 2, Quickstep: This just makes me wish for a big ol' swing number--where have they been? Too easy? Otherwise, this dance is slick & pretty & fine.

Jeanine, Solo: A little too much sex kitten pouting, sweetie. You're sexy without it, girl, knock it off.

Evan, Solo: Cute. What else would it be?

Kayla & Brandon 2, Disco: UGH DISCO GOD WHY. For what it is, it's fabulous. These two, seriously. Loving the hell out of them.

Girls group: Kayla & Jeanine nail the style; Melissa doesn't hit it as hard. As a bit of a comic geek, though, I love the concept. (Cat: "Don't fuss with the girls.")

Brandon & Evan staying, Ade leaving--not what I want, but what I think will happen
Kayla & Jeanine staying, Melissa leaving--not what I expected to want, but what I think will happen

I think Evan & Jeanine maybe should leave at this stage, but I think they have the votes.

If Brandon or Kayla leave I am DONE with this season.


dree said...

well done you!

They really need to retire doriana sanchez. I liked the disco routines so much better on SYTYCD-Can (mostly because they were done to current music).

And yay for more Stacey Tookey!

Christopher said...

You should totally come see your folks next week so we can watch the finale together. :D

Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

When I was in elem. school, we had to read Sweet Valley Twins/High as a class b/c the teachers pet loved them. I wish I were kidding.