Thursday, July 23, 2009

sitting here kind of gaping

100th Episode! Yeeeeeaaaayyyy!

And Cat decided to raid Linda Richman's wardrobe for this episode because....?

I just love it when they do the montage of all the best dancers of the past seasons. So much amazing talent on this show, I just love it so freaking much.

So when they announce the bottom four, it's Janette, Kayla, Jason and ... BRANDON?? I know I predicted Kayla, just in terms of voting/personality, but let's be clear: she probably is the best female dancer in this season. And if she isn't, Janette is. And I was kind of over Jason, but he had a great night last night. Brandon had that waltz, but he's also Brandon and kind of a genius. And I was just sitting here kind of gaping when Mac said, "Remember: America is stupid."

Oh. Right. I mean... I don't actually believe that. But right now I'm really feeling like something's gone horribly wrong. Or like Evan has a phone bank somewhere.

Also, can someone please tell me what the hell happened to Sabra? Why doesn't she ever come back to the show??

Also also, I need to find more videos of Wade Robson dancing, because HI. I mean. It's just a whole other level watching him dance, as opposed to just choreographing isn't it? So sharp and perfect and professional and awesome. What a treat for us!

As for the Katie Holmes treat, well. It was nice to see Mark and Joshua in that, at least.

The results: Janette is leaving, just as I was starting to believe she could win the whole thing. Jason joins her, which isn't as big of a shock, I guess.

And so the 100th episode ends, not with a bang, but with my DVR paused over Jason's tears, and me realizing I have to freaking PACK. Yikes!

As always, I welcome your thoughts!!

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Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

I feel like Evan should have to go home just because he made Janette go home. I was really convinced that Evan would be going home --- as he should have weeks ago, and if not him Jason.

Before the routines, I thought Melissa would be going home. But after Tyce's number I knew that wouldn't happen, so I was putting pretty equal money on Jennine and Kayla. Couldn't believe it was Janette.

And I couldn't believe what a good dancer Wade Robson was.