Thursday, July 16, 2009

the same thrill I always used to get

I don't have a blog/analysis of this week's Top 10 show, so I'm going to just say that Travis's routine was senfreakingsational, guess that Randi & Kupono are going home (weak paso doble, weak solos), and see how that turns out.

Also, congrats to Mia, Tabitholeon, Tasty Oreo and Dmitry Chaplin on their Emmy nominations! So awesome!!

I went and did a Google video search of the numbers they were nominated for, and Dmitry's tango was danced by last year's winner, Joshua. Watching it again, I got the same thrill I always used to get watching him dance. His commitment, strength, skill and character still just rock my world.

Then I looked up Benji & Donyelle's Shane Spark's "Too Much Booty" on Google video to see if that still holds up as The Moment when I fell in love with those two and wanted them to win (and, honestly, when I fell in love with the show), and sure enough I was just as delighted as I was three years ago.

Then I looked up Sabra & Neil's jazz routine to "Sweet Dreams," which is the moment I really started to want Sabra to win, and it was exactly as awesome as I remember.

My point is, I just don't feel that Connection with any of these Top 10 so far this year. I like Ade, I admire Brandon, I've become a little "meh" on the other three guys. Jeanine's grown on me, I like Melissa but I'm losing interest for some reason, Janette's awesome but comes on a little strong for me, Kayla's awesome but doesn't come on strong enough (except on the floor), and Randi's just cute and kind of boring.

I dunno. I still love the show to pieces, but I'm not feeling that LOVE I felt for Joshua last year, nor am I feeling that competitive spirit I did last year when Twitch was constantly nipping at his heels right to the final two. You know?

What do you think? Who do you LOVE this season? And, if no one, why do you think that is? And who are you favoring to win?


Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

Well you called who was going home --- although if it had been anything else I would have wanted my money back.

Although I think that all the remaining girls are excellent and both Ade and Brandon are too, I hear what you mean about the possible lack of feeling...

But for me of the boys Ade does stand out --- I've been liking him more and more, but this week clinched me thinking he may be better than Brandon, and not just more likely.

Of the girls, it's Jeanine, who has a presence that I think the other girls don't have --- I think that they're all fantastic dancers --- although I will admit it might also be that I just have a small crush on her (my wife would probably say big crush).

Christopher said...

We are so funny. Neither one of us bothered to blog this week. :D I wonder if that should tell us something about this season...

I can honestly say that I -love- Janette, and I pretty close to -love- Kayla. I like Jeanine quite a bit (although I don't think she has a chance in hell of winning), and I am ambivalent about Melissa (although I do think she's probably the most talented of the female dancers and a woman's best shot at winning the competition).

On the guys' side, I am "meh" on pretty much all of them. I totally think Brandon is going to win the whole thing, and I like Ade a lot. Jason and Evan could both go home next week, and I wouldn't care even a little. Then again, I kind of actively dislike Evan (and have, ever since he made the show and his vastly more talented and interesting brother didn't).

Do I -love- Janette in the same way I loved Katee last year or Allison in Season 2, though? Not even close.

So, yeah. I see your point.

CyberSusanH said...

Here's a late response to your questions as I anxiously await a new post: who do I LOVE this season? It's changed from the start of the season, but it's definitely Janette. She's consistent, not annoying, a phenomenal chameleon of a dancer, and seems to get the best out of her partners (case in point, Evan this week). Why do I think that you're feeling 'meh' about it? Judging by some of your comments and others, this is about the stage when the competition gets good. Choreo gets harder, judges pickier, and the contestants really have to step up. We get to know them better, and develop stronger relationships with them. Do I love any of them as much as I did Travis in season 2? (or Vincent in the Canadian version last year) No, but the same was true for seasons 3 and 4. As long as the show produces numbers like Tyce's Cancer routine each week, and the dancer deliver honest performances, I'll remain a dedicated fan. I hope that the show/dancers turn the corner for you this week!