Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Have you ever...? I mean seriously."

It's a little tragic that I haven't blogged my favorite summer show two weeks in a row, but my life is busy and it's not like I'm gettin' paid for this. SO. The 100TH EPISODE has already started and I haven't even made predictions, so I'm watching on the DVR now and will do a superquick shortcut blog of Wednesday's performances.

First: Ellen Degeneres rocks and is hilarious and I love her. Fab.

Travis's Group Dance: Cute!

Janette & Evan 1, Sonya Jazz: Evan was better than usual but not great. Janette was FANFREAKINGTASTIC. Mac: "Now's the time on Sprockets when we dance."

Kayla Solo: I just love watching her dance.

Jeanine & Brandon 1, Waltz: Yawn. Also, Jeanine's yellow dress doesn't go with this song or number. Random observation, but there it is.

Jason Solo: Cute, but not much more.

Melissa & Ade 1, Cha Cha: Prim when it should have been a lot sexier.

Janette Solo: Clearly trying to show how much she's grown, and I appreciate that. Even if I do hate that she made me listen to Celine Dion.

Kayla & Jason 1, Broadway: Slinky, and exactly what the dance calls for. I love how Kayla can rock any costume or makeup or character anyone throws at her, inhabits it completely, but still shines through as herself. Such a rare gift she is.

Ade Solo: I just want to hug him, is all.

Janette & Evan 2, Rhumba: Janette continues to win at everything, and I'm officially over Evan. He can go any day and I won't cry over it. Also, he's just, like, 1/3 head, and 2/3 tiny dude body. He's like a bobblehead.

Melissa Solo: I appreciate that she did something a different and not totally "I'M A BALLERINA," despite wearing her point shoes. Well done.

Jeanine & Brandon 2, Pop Jazz: Really great, really committed.Brandon is much better, and they're a bit of a mis-matched couple, in terms of energy. But overall fantastic.

Evan Solo: Been there, seen that. I love it, but I'm kind of done with it. It's kind of like, I like pancakes, but I couldn't eat them all the time. I only like them every once in awhile.

Jeanine Solo: Fabulous. She's really gone from being a meh dancer to one of my favorites. Very well done.

Melissa & Ade 2, Contemporary: Sublime, heartfelt, gorgeous and painful. Beautiful work by Tyce, beautifully danced by the couple.

Brandon Solo: DAMN. 'Nuff said. (Cat: "Have you ever...? I mean seriously.")

Kayla & Jason 2, Hip Hop: Crazy, sick. Awesome. Jason proves he can do more than Cute. Kayla proves, yet again, some more, that she can do anything brilliantly.

Predictions: UGH. So impossible to say, and I kind of don't want to because I know the results/100th episode are waiting for me. Of the guys, I was kind of ready for either Evan or Jason to go before this episode, and now I'd basically still just be okay with Evan. Of the girls... I mean, they're all so freaking good at this stage. I think she's freaking genius, but it might be Kayla just because, like Will last season, she's not as engaging personally as she is brilliant as a dancer. But we'll see...

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